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Thu Sep 26 06:14:33 MDT 1996

Louis P is determined to continue his consistent but unprincipled and
criminal (libellous accusation of a comrade as a police spy) smear of Bob
M. No proof just a mindless repetition of innuendo and suspicion.

This time it's guilt by association, Using "Elwood's pamphlet on the
Malinovsky case. Malinovsky was an infamous provocateur in the Bolshevik

Let's take our usual close look at this effort of Louis's.

>1. Descriptions of Malinovsky refer to his 'disdain for the usual
>rules of spelling and grammar'.

That makes the majority of the kids at my school Tsarist spies. Louis's
spelling and grammar aren't so hot either come to that.

>2. Malinovsky's own accounts of his background fluctuated. But in his
>formal evidence to enquiry he described his poor background and
>limited education.

Poor background and limited education! Well, Adolfo can't be a Tsarist spy
then, can he! A "poor background" -- I say fellows, good job we didn't let
that chappy in rags into our meeting, eh! "Limited education" -- well, *I*
can breathe easy, too! Phew...

Feels good pointing that finger eh? "Poor background", huh? "Limited
education!" -- must be rotten to the core!

"Poor background" -- under capitalism! What a perverse deviant!

"Limited education" -- under capitalism! Obviously a professional
troublemaker of the worst sort!

And the cheek of talking about it! Have these gutter-rats no shame! It's
bad enough to *have* a "poor background", but to *talk about it* as well!
Words fail me...

>3. Malinovsky had a record of minor crime before entering politics.
>This resulted in at least one prison spell, during which the
>authorities obtained the information with which they controlled him

"Minor crime", too. One in a million, this bloke. And a spell in prison! He
can't have been a young, black American male, then, can he, or a young
Irish catholic male? The evidence against Bob M is piling up, merciless in
its precision and crushing in its mass.

>4. Malinovsky's political activity begins suddenly and with a high
>level of intensity. following a prison term. The circumstances of his
>conversion to the marxist cause have never become clear.

This is really odd. A new convert showing a high level of activity! And a
conversion about which we know little, *most* unusual.

>5. Following his appearance in political activity he moves rapidly
>into leading positions, showing an ability to impress and convince
>large numbers of people.

Again very strange. He shows "an ability to impress and convince large
numbers of people", and "moves rapidly into leading positions". We'd have
kept him in quarantine as a rival, wouldn't we lads?! Soon shown him his

Now, since Louis is trying to push the similarities between Malinovsky and
Bob M, why doesn't he prove this particular political point? Give us
evidence of Bob's rapid advancement to leading positions? Say where he sees
the same "ability to impress and convince large numbers of people"? Most of
the past few months have been spent by Louis trying to assert that Bob is
totally incapable of convincing anybody.

>6. A further arrest and short imprisonment, followed by release and
>(internal) exile.


>7. An ability to inspire obstinate loyalty on the part of leading
>revolutionaries (inc. Lenin) even in the face of the facts. This was
>attributed to 'reverse snobbery' ie exaggerated respect for a working
>class origin, on the part of his most loyal supporters.

But wait a second. Aren't the "leading revolutionaries" on this list such
worthies as Lou P, Adolfo and HMV Henwood?

So where do the boundaries for "exaggerated" as opposed to "justified"
respect for working class origin go?

And the important question of the facts, of course. What facts were
available that Lenin should have recognized?

What *facts* do we have in our own case of libel against Bob M? *None*. A
few rotten assertions slung out by Louis P. A few words of braggadocio
about spending his vacation backing them up -- and then NOTHING. NOTHING.

Note here the supercilious arrogance with which Louis P presumes to condemn
Lenin for not recognizing Malinovksi, a real spy, while he himself is much
more clear-sighted and unfazed in the face of pressures from workerist
reverse snobbery, and sees a police spy where there isn't. Oh glorious
revolutionary example to us all! If only we had your pellucid brain and
unclouded vision! Lenin the knucklehead, the reverse snob, the defender of
lousy spelling and police spies! Defender of people with a "poor
background" and "limited education"! Louis P the seagreen incorruptible
exposer of all lousy spelling and police spies! Louis our saviour from
people with a "poor background" and a "limited education"!

>8. A manner of discussing that 'made me feel tired immediately'

What was Lenin's opinion on that?

>9. A career episode in publishing and journalism, despite the
>limitations of his language skills.

Louis is out to cleanse the publishing world of editors and proof-readers.
Stalin's Russian wasn't so hot either, come to that. Most writers and
journalists scrape some sort of living together, despite the limitations of
their language skills. Most contributors to political journals would rot in
hell if their work was judged on the basis of their language skills! Maybe
Louis can dig up some survey or other where political value is correlated
to spelling skills? Or if he can't, maybe Doug can? Dan Quayle can't spell
for potatoes, so maybe he was a spy acting as vice-president of the US?

So once again Factoid Man has piled a heap of ill-smelling refuse on our
nice clean cyberlawns, and draws our attention to it by hopping up and down
on top of it pointing for all he's worth and making more din than a
roomfull of parrots.



PS It's good to know the unity-list takes all of cyberspace into account
when it decides who to let on and who to keep off. Louis performances here
undoubtedly give him some desirability for the unity-list discussions.
Perhaps it's because he's a second Lenin come to judgement, only better,
cos he's got a way of justifying censorship, disruption and exclusion by
accusing people who disagree with him of being police spies.

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