Volume limited lists?

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Thu Sep 26 05:51:39 MDT 1996

On 25 Sep 1996, Chris Burford wrote:

> Alternatively Louis might intensify his skirmishing with Bob to drive more
> people off the unmoderated list, and leave Bob more isolated, if Louis
> believed that would harm Bob more than himself.

Louis: Hey, Doctor of stupidity, you forfeited your right to "triangulate"
anything after that long brutal marathon with Malinovsky, Quispe, Ruby
Begonia and Rolf Martens that you kept simmering long after normal people
had jumped out the window. As far as the new unmoderated list is
concerned, picture M1 without any sane people (or even insane smart people
like myself). That's what to expect. I have as much interest in being on
that kind of list as I do in voting for Bill Clinton. I am coming around
to the idea, by the way, that M1 was what caused Lisa's heart-failure.

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