Volume limited lists? Or Rodwell never takes a shower

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Thu Sep 26 08:02:22 MDT 1996

Aldolfo writes;
>PS;  Evidently roaches NEVER take a bath - let alone a shower.  What prompt
>this reflexion is Bob malecki's still going on and on with his dirty suds
>and paying no attention to ANYTHING CONCRETE.
>I think a simple MANTRA - or rather a "slogan" will do the trick now:
>- not to mention respectful of the environment -
>How's that for a standard response to Bob's rantings?

Anybody that wants to see ranting. Just go check out the archives during the
aldolfo-Quispe fight. That material is the classical stuff of cop and agent
baiting Stalinism.

Mind you this comes from the same person who wants to make a deal with parts
of the Peruvian bougeoisie if and when the PCP takes power. So Aldolfo might
not take showers now in is London flat. But when he makes the deal he will
be living in a palace along with his bourgeios partners at the expense of
the Peruvian Proletariat and peasantry.

Hopefully Trotskyist parties will develop in time in Latin America before
Aldolfo gets to take a bath in a palace in the Peruvian capital. Because
then Adolfo and his bourgeois allies will be put to work in the interests of
a *real* dictatorship of the Proletariat.

Bob Malecki

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