Pentagon & the "drug war"

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Thu Sep 26 11:38:34 MDT 1996

News from the White House...

>                            THE WHITE HOUSE
>                     Office of the Press Secretary
>For Immediate Release                              September 24, 1996
>                              FACT SHEET
>          Defense Drawdowns To Aid Foreign Anti-Drug Programs
>The President announced today that he had notified Congress September
>14th of his intent to direct two drawdowns of Defense articles,
>services and training for foreign anti-drug assistance under Section
>506 (a) (2) of the Foreign Assistance Act, worth a total of $112
>million in aid for foreign anti-drug programs.
>The first drawdown, under fiscal year 1996 authority, would occur on
>September 30, worth $75 million, and we anticipate it will include:
>          for the Colombian CNP; UH-1H helicopters, 2 C-26
>       observation aircraft, flight support equipment,
>       field equipment, and communications gear.
>          for the Colombian military; river patrol boats,
>       UH-1H helicopters, 3 C-26 observation aircraft,
>       aircraft spare parts, communications gear, field
>       equipment, training and utility vehicles
>          for the Venezuelan military; 2 C-26 observation
>       aircraft, river patrol boats, communications gear
>       and training
>          for the Peruvian military; 4 C-26 observation
>       aircraft, river patrol boats and communications gear
>          for the Eastern Caribbean states within the
>       Regional Security System (RSS) (includes Antigua and
>       Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and
>       Nevis, St Lucia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines);
>       2 C-26 observation aircraft, patrol boats, training,
>       , flight crew equipment and communications gear
>The second drawdown, under fiscal year 1997 authority and worth $37
>million, would occur at the beginning of FY97,  in October and we
>anticipate it will include:
>          for the Mexican military, 53 UH-1H helicopters,
>       spare parts and training and 4 C-26 observation
>       aircraft.
>These drawdowns of defense articles and services will assist our
>allies in stopping the flow of drugs at the source, before they reach
>our shores.
>The special authority of section 506(a)(2) is reserved to the President.
>Under this  section, up to $75 million per fiscal year worth of articles,
>services and training can be provided from the inventory and
>resources of the Department of Defense for international narcotics
>control assistance.  To direct a section 506(a)(2) drawdown, the
>President must determine that to do so is "in the national interest of
>the United States."
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