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Thu Sep 26 09:25:47 MDT 1996

> >Have I missed something else?  I don't think so. Unfortunately, you
> >have not specified what do you mean by "disruptiveness." I am not

Louis: What do I mean by disruptiveness? How about posting 173 times in
June? That's disruptive enough for me. We get this shadowy character in
Sweden who can't account for his past, who has no visible means of income
and whose phone bills for Internet connections must be more than a $100 a
month. By the way, Jon Flanders referred to a "specific month and year" in
a post earlier. This is something that flew by me apparently. Please tell
me it and I wll follow up immediately.

Quispe was never proved guilty of anything. Charges were lodged against
him and people were asked to act on that basis politically. Matt D., Chris
Burford and Ruby Begonia continued to believe in him while everybody else
started looking at him in a new way. Meanwhile, you, Rodwell and Adam Rose
continue to accept the claims of somebody to be a prisoner of conscience
when he can't furnish concrete information about his deeds. That's my
problem, not yours.

If somebody showed up in an FSLN base during the civil war against Somoza
and claimed that he was a Cuban who had fought with Fidel in the Sierra
Maestras, what would happen to that individual if Cubans who fought in the
Sierra Maestra said that they never heard of him. There's a good chance
that the individual would be tied up, put against the wall and get a
bullet to the head. On this list, we are much more civilized. Perhaps too
civilized, not only don't we accuse anybody of being a provocateur. We are
all too willing to accomodate him, as Ehrbar did, in the degeneration of
the list.

I would try to explain degeneration to you, but based on the content of
your recent posts, this would seem to be a waste of time.

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