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Thu Sep 26 12:32:19 MDT 1996

>> >Have I missed something else?  I don't think so. Unfortunately, you
>> >have not specified what do you mean by "disruptiveness." I am not
>Louis: What do I mean by disruptiveness? How about posting 173 times in
>June? That's disruptive enough for me. We get this shadowy character in
>Sweden who can't account for his past, who has no visible means of income
>and whose phone bills for Internet connections must be more than a $100 a
>month. By the way, Jon Flanders referred to a "specific month and year" in
>a post earlier. This is something that flew by me apparently. Please tell
>me it and I wll follow up immediately.

Proyect the yellow journalist contines is campaign of yellow journalism and
slande. Notice that it is Malecki and the number of posts that he is
whingning about and not the political content. And he appears to worry about
how much i am paying for my Intermet connection. well it is 6 crowns and
hour (less then a dollar.) but most of my writing is done off line so its
actually not two expensive. The specific month was November 1969. But you
should have followed up first instead of resorting to Neo-Stalinist yellow
>Quispe was never proved guilty of anything. Charges were lodged against
>him and people were asked to act on that basis politically. Matt D., Chris
>Burford and Ruby Begonia continued to believe in him while everybody else
>started looking at him in a new way. Meanwhile, you, Rodwell and Adam Rose
>continue to accept the claims of somebody to be a prisoner of conscience
>when he can't furnish concrete information about his deeds. That's my
>problem, not yours.

Oh yes they were. Day in and day out charges and counter charges were made.
And now you are doing exactly the same thing in the malecki case. The only
difference is i do not call you a cop. I call you a neo-Stalinist yellow
journalist that slanders people without proof. It does not make any
difference what people think it is what they present here in public. Proyect
has produced nothing except lies and slander without any proof!
>If somebody showed up in an FSLN base during the civil war against Somoza
>and claimed that he was a Cuban who had fought with Fidel in the Sierra
>Maestras, what would happen to that individual if Cubans who fought in the
>Sierra Maestra said that they never heard of him. There's a good chance
>that the individual would be tied up, put against the wall and get a
>bullet to the head. On this list, we are much more civilized. Perhaps too
>civilized, not only don't we accuse anybody of being a provocateur. We are
>all too willing to accomodate him, as Ehrbar did, in the degeneration of
>the list.

Trotskyists did show up and they were thrown in jail by you pals that today
are singing another tune after giving power away to the bourgeoisie!
>I would try to explain degeneration to you, but based on the content of
>your recent posts, this would seem to be a waste of time.

There has been no degeneration here. The only thing that happened is a
couple of Trotskyists walked here and the opposition went bersek! Having no
political program or answers they turned to building new lists with special
rules and bans and exclusions and expulsions. All the *real* action has been
by those who are either running from the politics of Bolsheviks, hiding from
those politics or bureaucratically sabotaging and open debate on politics!
Or like Proyect turning to outright slander and yellow journalism to
sabotage the list. He is prepared to do anything to silence the Trotskyists
on this list. That has been the real action of this list. a united front of
political cowards with no program and no future.

In must make you feel wonderful. What a great battle you people have one. If
anybody wants a lesson on political cowardness, bureaucratic maneuvers,
bans, exclusions and expulsions and finally a taste of philthy and cowardly
yellow journalism i will tell them to go to the archives and read the posts
the last few months.

The great victory of the majority on this list is their utter contempt for
any kind of principled struggle. My victory is that you have exposed
yourselfs throughly in front of a whole lot of people. Proyect has committed
political Hari Kari and will never be believed again after his yellow
journalistic antics of slander and lies.

The struggle will continue and our "marxists" will not be able to stop the
revolutionary critisms of their rotten politics. You might be able to get us
banned from a list or two. But you can not ban revolutionary ideas. They
have a funny way of surving all attempts to sabotage them.

The stuff that has beeb going on here is nothing compared to the struggles
and suffering the Trotsyist cadre through history have had too stand up and
face. The opposition tried to do everything possible to stop our politics
and failed. The present human material on this list will not be able to do
that either. They only thing they can do they have already tried and failed
miserably. In fact the Supporters of our interventon here have grown with
the struggle. It proves that principled political out wheighs the rotten
maneuvres that have been going on here at M1.

The only thing that has happened for you my friends is that you are fleeing
the arena defeated politically! Fleeing with cowardly and rotten moves in
back of people. Fleeing because you have no answers. And in the final
analisis cowards that have to flee from political battle will never lead the
working class to victory.

Bob Malecki

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