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At 5:54 PM 9/26/96, Antonio Mota wrote:

>I'm new to this list (about a week) and I really want to pose a
>question. What the hell is this list about? Why those endless threads
>about futile personal attacks on each others? Only "historical" reasons
>with 50 years old? I think this is, at least, not dialectic at all. Not
>that I don't have a position on my own regarding these questions, but
>it's certanly not those questions I expect to be central in a marxist
>(almost xxi century one) list. So, if someone can explain...

You have entered a strange social space in an advanced state of
disintegration, but one that nonetheless refuses to die. Some (like me)
cling to it because it's darkly amusing; others (again like me), because
it's an occasional source of insight or information; and others (like
Malecki & his fellow-travellers) because they're ravers who can survive
only in a toxic atmosphere (that they're largely responsible for
poisoning). It was supposed to have been euthanized a couple of months ago,
but it inexplicably lingers on, sustained by the consciously indecisive
Spoon collective. Welcome aboard.



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