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hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Thu Sep 26 13:24:01 MDT 1996

>Hello all:
>I'm new to this list (about a week) and I really want to pose a
>question. What the hell is this list about? Why those endless threads
>about futile personal attacks on each others? Only "historical" reasons
>with 50 years old? I think this is, at least, not dialectic at all. Not
>that I don't have a position on my own regarding these questions, but
>it's certanly not those questions I expect to be central in a marxist
>(almost xxi century one) list. So, if someone can explain...
>Sory for my poor english but I too am not part of the "inteligentzia"
>coming from the US or the UK, and I'm not a graduate in any school
>Antonio Mota

So my friend, get your skates on and get on to put acroos your ideas vis a
vis the concrete questions of the day.  Take the questions that are posited
by the reactionary spokespeople for the Peruvian state!  See the thread
about the interviews with the Peruvian top military brass vis-a-vis a real
and living revolution.  Then we'll talk!


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