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Thu Sep 26 14:08:21 MDT 1996

>Antonio Mota asks:
>" What the hell is this list about? Why those endless threads
>about futile personal attacks on each others? Only "historical" reasons
>with 50 years old? I think this is, at least, not dialectic at all. Not
>that I don't have a position on my own regarding these questions, but
>it's certanly not those questions I expect to be central in a marxist
>(almost xxi century one) list. So, if someone can explain..."
>My understanding is that it's a damn sight easier to throw mud at one
another than to get to grips with a critique of contemporary capitalism.
>In many ways the arguments over the assassination of Trotsky etc., is very
much like a virtual war-game.
>The combatants arrange their tin soldiers and try to re-run history in a
different way.
>The insults add life to the game in much the same way that small boys
provide sound-effects for their battles:
>"Ratatat-tat- bang bang- Got You!!! Na na na neah nah!"
>If you cut all this crap out there are some interesting points made (and a
few bits of genuine wit), but most of it is only of historical interest

It is fine to criticise.  But what do you have as a concrete contribution on
your part to update this debate to pertinent questions in the class struggle
and the proletarian revolution today?  Criticism by itself is not sufficient!


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