A Profound Revelation and Homage to Louis Proyect

Vladimir Bilenkin "achekhov at unity.ncsu.edu" at ncsu.edu
Thu Sep 26 14:12:04 MDT 1996

Barkley Rosser wrote:

>      Aside to malecki:  Really you've got to stop picking
> on him.  He is very sensitive and does not like to be
> called names.  It is certainly something he never does.  I
> think that he went after you because you called him a
> Menshevik.  Now, bob, I know real Mensheviks, and Lou is no
> Menshevik.  Heck, I'm more of one than he is.  Pick on me.
> I can take better than him.  He has become a bit of a wimp
> since that semi-post-modern woman dumped him.  Let's hope
> he finds a nice neo-modernist women.  In the meantime, call
> me a Menshevik all you like and everything will be
> wonderful.
> Barkley Rosser

Barkley, you are the most likable of all Mensheviks I know.


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