Churchill on Trotsky

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Thu Sep 26 15:23:46 MDT 1996

Siddarth deserves a response for dragging the pickled vampire Winston
Churchill (WC) into the discussion:

>The below may seem unecessary and below the belt, but since Vladimir has
>brought up Hitler, here is Churchill (a reactionary who nevertheless
>was farsighted enough to understand Hitler):
>  "Trotsky ... strives to rally the underworld of Europe to the
>   overthrow of the Russian Army".

It's quite something when Stalinists talk about *understanding* historical

But I think perhaps Siddarth needs Churchill-talk interpreted for him:

the underworld of Europe  =  the European working class

the Russian Army  =   the Stalinist regime as a reliable bulwark of reaction

There, feel better now?

As for the Hero of Sidney Street being farsighted -- in the country of the
blind, the one-eyed man is king. By some quirk of personal insecurity,
Churchill needed to defend his turf more than the other sods who ran the
Empire. None of 'em including WC gave a toss about Hitler and what he did
to others. What got WC's goat was the threat German imperialist expansion
posed to his own patch.

He was *beloved* by the British working class. When he shuffled off this
mortal coil and went to ferment the vats of the Infernal Vintner, his
upper-class chums started a Winston Churchill Memorial Collection. Now, the
mayor and council in Merthyr Tydfil, a mining town in S Wales (pop. approx.
50,000 -- it was one of those places where you could split the Labour vote
four ways and the Tories would still lose their deposit), were in a
quandary. No one, but no one at all, wanted to give a farthing to the Old
Sod's memory. But if they gave nothing, no one would know...

They solved it by donating half-a-crown (two shillings and sixpence, one
eighth of a pound) for the whole town.

Iechyd da!


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