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Vladimir Bilenkin "achekhov at unity.ncsu.edu" at ncsu.edu
Thu Sep 26 21:24:20 MDT 1996

Antonio Mota wrote:
> Hello all:
> I'm new to this list (about a week) and I really want to pose a
> question. What the hell is this list about? Why those endless threads
> about futile personal attacks on each others? Only "historical" reasons
> with 50 years old? I think this is, at least, not dialectic at all. Not
> that I don't have a position on my own regarding these questions, but
> it's certanly not those questions I expect to be central in a marxist
> (almost xxi century one) list. So, if someone can explain...
> Sory for my poor english but I too am not part of the "inteligentzia"
> coming from the US or the UK, and I'm not a graduate in any school
> either.
> Xau.
> Antonio Mota

        Hi Antonio.  Don't get discouraged. It takes some time and above
all some knowledge of history of this list to appreciate it and use for
one's political education.

This list is its history, because it is a social microcosm, a society of
a kind. Briefly, a group of people who were defeated and
lost their hegemony over the list has been trying to destroy it.
In these closing days, they continue to
trivialize its history and to present it as an organisational failure.
NONE of them has even attempted a POLITICAL analysis of its three years
of existence. And they call themselves Marxists!

Having failed in the realm of political discussion, they now intend to have
their revanche in that of organization.  Well, we know that technical and
organisational means of production remain in the hands of capitalist
class, and that it is a difficult if not impossible proposition to have
communist discussion free from outside control which takes various forms,
>from most subtle to violent. We do not know if the Administration will
keep its promise to provide an open and unmoderated list.  The latest
communications contain some vague signs that this decision may yet
be reconsidered. We'll see.  The list is also under the attack from the
inside. The defeated are waging a psychological warfare against the list
members.  They tell us that those who will stay in M1 type of list will
be isolated from "real" action, "serious" politics.  They tell us that
they will control the "real" lists and have power to decide whom to
let in.  What a pathetic bunch!  For almost three years in this list
they have not produced anything worthy for the proletariat. They only
whined that "outsiders" did not let them to make mankind happy by
doing their "theory."  No doubt,  it is they who
will become isolated in their tightly controlled fiefdoms.  And not a
few - as happened many times before - will yet come back
running to us, to breathe some fresh air.

So take some time, Antonio.  This list is a unique place.  But it takes
time and honest effort before one can benefit from it.


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