A Profound Revelation and Homage to Louis Proyect

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Thu Sep 26 21:46:25 MDT 1996

>    Inspired by the wise Louis Proyect, I have studied
>deeply the profit motive and discovered a profound
>revelation.  It is
>     Four legs good, two legs bad; bah bah, oink oink.
>Oooops!  That was some MI6 propaganda that accidentally
>slipped in because I am such a notoriously provocative list
>disrupter who will not be allowed on the groucho marxism
>list.  Shame on me!
>     No, no, no.  What I really meant to say was:
>     Capitalists get profits from surplus value which is
>extracted from workers by exploitation.  Thus we see the
>basis of the profit motive.
>      Now, I realize that this is a profound revelation to
>everyone on this list, from the mentally impaired to those
>whose recent academic publications include references to
>inaccessible discussions on OPE-L.  We must all thank Louis
>Proyect for having inspired the discovery of this deep
>insight.  Without him it would have been impossible, :-).
>     Aside to malecki:  Really you've got to stop picking
>on him.  He is very sensitive and does not like to be
>called names.  It is certainly something he never does.  I
>think that he went after you because you called him a
>Menshevik.  Now, bob, I know real Mensheviks, and Lou is no
>Menshevik.  Heck, I'm more of one than he is.  Pick on me.
>I can take better than him.  He has become a bit of a wimp
>since that semi-post-modern woman dumped him.  Let's hope
>he finds a nice neo-modernist women.  In the meantime, call
>me a Menshevik all you like and everything will be
>Barkley Rosser

Actually Louis is a combination of Menshevism (the party of the the whole
class) and neo-Stalinism (his support to Cuba, the pop front politics and
his yellow journalism)

But i have never called you a Menshevik. Perhaps a time will come that i
will but it usually is based on what i think a persons political line is. I
am not sure exactly what your line is Barkley. But the point is here that
Menshevi, reformist, stalinist, Trotskyist, The Communist left, are
certainly not name calling.

It belongs in the debate.

But it is interesting that people get upset about names and not yellow
journalism of the worst sort and bans,exclusions, expulsions and "special
rules" that block serious discussion.

these *real* actions are far more harmful then calling somebody a state cap
or Menshevk.

But this is a list filled with intellectual academics. Where i come from
saying "fuck you" is no big deal.

Bob Malecki

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