Malecki takes the witness stand

Robert Malecki malecki at
Thu Sep 26 23:44:48 MDT 1996

Notice that the yellow journalist Proyect thinks that M1 is a bougeois
court! And the yellow journalist is the prosecuter! Then he takes a little
bit of my book here a little there and piles on more slander and lies.

Fine, our yellow journalist wants to play bougeois court and himself as the
prosecuter. Communists are not afraid of Proyect now turned bougeois
prosecuter of M1. This is now turning more and more into a witchhunt!

Any communist on this list would condemn Proyect. But the Communist are few
here. And the defenders of Proyect many. So much for the "marxist" on this
list! You are cowards and silently watch this stuff going on while Louis
escalates this stuff everyday! The silent cowards are just as bad if not
worse then Proyect himself.

Malecki shall post the entire book in Chapters to the list today in my
defense! I am very proud of that book and stand for everyword in it!
Anybody interested in reading the whole story and taking and independent
without comments from the slandering yellow journalism of Proyect are
welcome to do so.

Notice that our heroic defender of M1 is now obsessed with slandering
Malecki more and more. No proof other then to take quotes from my book out
of context. No documents that proof Malecki is lying about his anti-war

Just subtle conclusions of what the yellow journalist would like the list to

Good bye Louis! When this is all over you are finished politically. You will
be known as the cop baiter interagator of M1. Who's biggest accomplishment
was to trash
American exiles with slander and lies.

And the "Unity" list will be known as the people who welcomed you back on
their list in the middle of your witchhunting campaign. The "Unity" list and
Proyect out to expose the cop, agent provacateur Malecki.

Bob Malecki

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