'Stalinist' : an insult or a diagnosis ?

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Thu Sep 26 23:44:55 MDT 1996

Richard writes;
>I would hope that both Adolfo and I would be allowed on the Left-Unity
>list, if we wanted to join. I am in favour of bringing the left together
>through dialogue and action. Adolfo would support principled unity too,
>as he has demonstrated on this list. I know that you would not agree,
>but the majority on this list would. We do not have to agree on every
>subject to recognise who is fighting for working class interests and who
>is not.

Ahh! Richard gives us a lecture on "principled unity". Using Aldolfo as and
example of proof! Have you read the discussion about his creation of the
WMC? Unity is supporting the entire bankrupt program of the PCP and every
speech that Gonzalo has ever made! Some principled unity.

Naturally i defend your right to be admitted to the "Unity" list. But that
is not principled unity either. It is a collection of reformists, neo
stalinists, fake trotskyist liquidators and the yellow journalist Proyect
now turned bougeois prosecuter. The only unity there is to agree to
disagree. A rotten block of everything that has been responsible for huge
defeats for the Proletariat inteternationally foe decades. You talk about
unity with these kind of people only means that you want to have unity in
order to once again betray the working class.

The 2nd Internationa and Third International are dead. The Fourth
International wqas destroyed by the liquidators. Now they are all in one
room talking about "Unity".

What a joke. The only unity so far is a common front against authodox
Trotskyists in keeping them off the list with bureaucratic bans, exclusions
and expulsions + special rules.

You are just whining because they won,t let you in their so that you could
help keep the Bolsheviks out!

Bob Malecki

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