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Robertsfors, Sweden
Dear Max,
Thanks for your letter. I will address a number of points in your
letter which I found interesting.

I think that "insisting" on the point that we won the war in Vietnam
isthe wrong approach. I have a very strong believe that the war in
Vietnam is certainly not over. Perhaps we, including the Vietnamese
have won some military victories on the battlefield and the United
States for the first time in history was forced to retreat in a very
humiliating way, however, in reality the war in Vietnam has merely
entered another phase.
For numerous years, after 1975, the U.S. imposed an embargo on
Vietnam, the propaganda about Vietnam was on the "Rambo Films"
level. When Clinton came to office he dropped the embargo and
recently revived diplomatic relations with Vietnam. I am quite sure
that the present administration in Washinton has not turned over a
new leaf and are talking about peace and love with the Vietnamese.

No, not at all.

The Americans have a plan and a economic system which demands world
wide domination and expansion. The war goes on all the time, sometimes
with guns and sometimes  with other means. I believe that the sudden
interest, by the Washinton administration, towards Vietnam has to do
with the situation in the whole area, especially countries like China
and Japan who historically are a real threat for the U.S. Why it would
not surprise me a bit that the Americans would like to use Vietnam as
a springboard into China or Japan.

Historically the Vietnamese have no love for the Chinese or the
Japanese. In fact we know the Americans have to find allies in the
far east. Why they might even begin to like the Vietnamese if they
could convince them to be an ally against China and Japan.
History my friend is a pyramid  of skulls!

Yes, there are numerous examples of people who in different ways and
different times in history stand as a beacon of progress for the human
race. Although I certainly will not be named in the history books, I
am quite proud of the things I was doing during the Vietnam war. I am
also very happy that I was part of something that imposed such a
humiliating defeat on the American Military machine.    However to say
that we won would be foolish.
A good example and partially the reason I wrote the letter (appeal)
is Richard M. Nixon who  you mention in your letter. Recently he
received almost a state funeral, with the military honours,propaganda,
and all the rest.This man was a war criminal, a torpedo during the
McCarthy era, a burglar, was given a place in history. It was a
spectacular show by the American ruling class pointing out exactly
the opposite of which you claim in your letter. The whole show went
out with the message that we won i.e.

"we the American ruling class".

I was enraged by this show and my letter is an attempt to point out
that people like us better wake up and start doing something to
counteract the fact that the ruling class is claiming  exactly the
opposite of what you claim in your letter. Therefore I ended my
letter (appeal)  with the question

"is  the war over?"

I certainly will not try to take away from you the wonderful work
you were doing here in Sweden. In fact I would like to thank you for
your work. It probably helped me when I came here in 1972. When I
came, there were over 500 deserters here! However that is not the
end of the story. Most of these people returned to the U.S. The only
thing the American government asked was that the deserters apologise
for there actions. The majority of them did and went home.
Finally, here in Europe the class war goes on. The Fascists have come
back to power in Italy. Sweden is dropping its neutral position  and
joining the common market. Russia is disintegrating. The middle class
is getting desperate. Etc. Etc. Etc.
Yes Frank is still around. He is a member of parliament for the Social
Democrats. He is still working with refugees.
Send my letter to any and everyone!

Is it possible to get it on Internet?

By the way I live quite near the Polar circle. The sun has been gone
for months, but spring is on its way.
Regards, Robert Malecki
P.S. Lots of lawyers have been offered. However I am not a criminal.
But you may send a copy of my letter to your friends mentioned in the
letter. Perhaps they can do something which will give me the right
to return to the U.S. I also have a deep mistrust for people like
this. A working class kid like myself usually gets the shitty end
of the stick when dealing with these kinds of people.

P.P.S: Phil Berrigan rang me. He thinks I should go back and stand
trial. However I am not Jesus Christ. I am only Bob Malecki a guy who
was working in a General Motors factory when this all started.

But I did my best.
The problem with Catholic priests is that they always want to get
nailed to a cross! That has been my big difference with the Berrigan
I mean people like me have been getting crucified for centuries.

We are always the victims.

When I was 19-20 years old the military sent me to Cuba during the
missile crisis. My task was to kill Cubans. In 63 it was Vietnam and
kill Vietnamese and when I got home into a factory , kill myself! Yeah,
I am a bit pessimistic when people begin talking about we won the war!

However one thing I have learned is that as a working class kid you
had better fight them - because one way or another they,

"the ruling class"
are always trying to kill me in one way or another!

Bye for now, Bob

This letter is an answer to Max Watts letter in Chapter 4...
Authors Note...

>From Max Watts,
Dear Robert,
Thanks for your letter of 21-2-95
I,ll try and at least start an answer right away,for there is one
particular point that keeps coming up in letters, discussions and
work on many occasions, and particularly "these days" - a point,
I feel you raise very well:
and which I, for many years, have anwsered:


an even more briefly:

The fundamental importance in this discussion is: THEY   ( yes,
"they" , they do exist these they, who obviously also shift, change,
as do our "WE" - but they and we also remain "constant" - how's that
for a (dialectical) contradiction. - the SHIFTINGCONSTANT? THEY They
What "they" mean as - obviously - some of U.S. are - fighting "city
Hall" (them, the establishment, the "RIGHT" is: "YOU CAN'T WIN -
(when fighting city hall)
And - for "THEM" this is, in no way, an abstract, philosophical,
discussion - Oh, No! This is a "weapon" in their Fight Against Us
(TFAV?) - their CLASS STRUGGLE is that "horrible" phrase out of date?
in-applicable? (Perrime? excuse my french!) NO WAY
For reason(s) I tried to bring out in my letter to June (of 4,3,95)
I,ll buy  make Xerox of that part, enclose WE are particularly
susceptible to that "You can't, you didn't, win. For "we" - as long
as we remain "onside" (active) an Australian, (=OZ) expression.are
open more than the "DON'T ERS",who try to see (nothing?) no evil...
to "losing our cool" (suffering?) faced with PRESENT STRUGGLES.
Good, Necessary, Essential. BUT: IF IT HIDES from us, our allies,
present past + FUTURE! THE PAST VICTORY - if it gives Ammunition to
the other side, it weakens our own struggle, the on-going one(s), by
reinforcing       THEIR "You can't win," ( against "city hall")
WEAPON!  oof! Max has spoken! Written. In a hurry. Before breakfast!
Rosie (women friend) says, said on reading copy of my first letter to
you: "Max, your preaching again!" You'll offend him (you,R.M.). Hope
I didn,t, OF COURSE I am aware of the "Good/Evil" element - "THEY"
(Ruling Classes? Fascists of my youth? you can chose!) being "DEVIL"
Does that make US Angels? -Good? etc. FY1 - I have long been an
atheist, but have frequently found various religiously motivated
people on -(our) - side.
The Berrigans? secondarily interested in why they "fight the good
fight" - do our thing the WHAT is primary-
I,ll have a quick stab at answering, commenting on the rest of your
letter (of 21-2-95) may not finish. Vietnam: Brings us back to "Do
we Win?" again. Each struggle, each of course only PARTIAL LIMITED
Victory - opens the door to NEW struggles.
"We"  (includes the Resisters inside the (US) Army + their Friends,
RITAs, FRITAS) most definitely won, in 1972-75, in Vietnam.
We have - in no way - YET won the battle against CAPITAL ism, as a
world-wide fast increasingly - world - integrated system. Let's
leave something for the future!?! We don't want them softly sitting
on cloud (s) 9, lovely strumming their harps - for all eternity?!
So - Vietnam - as anywhere else in the world, Sydney, Stockholm
Sweden- too are involved in futher capitalists "manoeuvres" Yes.
And there, then, later, will be other struggles.
Incidentally, "we" must (usually) be careful when using, accepting,
terms, concepts, such as Vietnam, U.S. (America) Japan, China, etc.
which - of course - include very diverse, contending conflicting
GROUPS (CLASSES!) + Individuals."The" Americans? Who are these
"The""have a plan" the Ruling Class, who love it when they can get
away with  grabbing the LABEL (+excluding their domestic opposition
"The Army" - Who? The Brass? on the G.M.? The owners? Directors?
Workers?Incidentally - that includes "the" Vietnamese. My restaurant
owner, last nights supper, was  an ARVIN air - born Ranger. Refugeed
to he was fighting for "America(n)" (capital against "the" Vietnamese.
Unavoidable to do this "grouping" - but we must help keep it in mind
Why SHOULD you not be named in the history books? Depends who's
writing them!

You'll certainly be in mine!
Tricky Dick Nixon: so? He gets a state funeral? He certainly didn't
win in SAIGON/HO CHI MIN CITY in 1975!  (More important! then what
kind of funeral he got!) That is, was, then, over. The CLASS WAR
is alive+well.
The U.S. deserters/AWOLS - in Sweden, France, Canada, Australia etc.
- were one in 1966-68 very important, leading part of RITA -  later,
the fight spread and the main fronts were more "on base" but the
existence of a "secure rear" (including Sweden) gave - "ON-BASE"
RITA,s more confidence. When spec/4 Mike M. -6/73.. gave me my
Military Intelligence phone tap transcripts (in Heidelburg, W.
Germany) He said "publish", (said: They'll find who leaked, + you'll
go to jail "  McD: " I,ll desert-go to France".He didn't have to,
because "we" were (on a) winning (roll) + could cover him with
publicity. "illegal Army Wiretaps - in W. Germany" but it was good
to have the fall-back option.
I hope life in Sweden has been good to (+for) you!
There are still quite a few Vietnam war GI,s in Australia + France
(+Canada) - but I have lost touch with those I knew in Sweden.
Of course most RITAs - off + on base - now live ( or have-like SN/
John H - died) in the US. some are still active, + I sometimes
hear from some of them!
Good old Frank: if in touch, give him my best!
I will try to get (via someone move into this "new fangled stuff)
your first letter = RITA NOTE 3077. onto Internet - but no promises!
Polar circle: Yes - spring! We just now went OFF summertime - last
night - Autumn! But still hot - warm.
Lawyers: Bob R. (ex spec/4 Bob R. wrote "Draftees, Soldiers Guide to
Military Justice) 1968 and Bill S. (edits: COVERT ACTION uncovers
C.I.A. misdeeds) and "Oh,But no lawyer can approach you (unethical!)
you must take the first step.

Berrigans: Noam CHOMSKY - said something similar while here last
months we "Speaking Truth to Power" - (wrong address)

Your conclusion: "You" (we) had better fight" "IF YOU DON'T FIGHT
YOU LOSE" (oz soup)
Right on!
What do you, (do others) do in Robertsfors? How about a stab at the
AUTO-BIOGRAPHY? (on tape, if you think you can do it faster, better?)
Then there's a better chance for you to get in the history books!

All very best, MAX





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