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A lot of these people who come from this other world are always trying
to get us killed in one way or another. Even when I read the letters in
the foregoing chapter of solidarity with my fight for amnesty I find
that these letters are permeated with ideological advice which if I
swallowed would be devastating to poor and working class people like

For many years now people have been trying to convince me of one or the
other ideologies. However I have no trust in any of it... Because
every time I turn around it is the Nick's, the eddies, the Bob's, the
Indians, the blacks, the little Vietnamese girl who are running for
there lives. It is pretty easy for these people with there nice cars
and nice houses         coming down into the streets of New York, or
into the African jungles, or the Vietnamese country side in order to
convince us of the latest dominating theory in their circles. But it
is people like myself who make the pyramid of skulls throughout history.
What I am trying to say here is there ain,t nothing these people want
to give us. In fact most of the rules made up by them in society are
to protect their interests and not the Nick's or Eddies or the little
Vietnamese girl who was running for her life.

Take the latest round of death sentences being handed down. 15 and
16 year old kids who rob a store for twenty dollars and shoot somebody
in the process. They are to be executed by   the state. When was the
last time the   state executed a rich person for robbing millions from
working class people. When was the last time the state executed
somebody for sending working-class and poor kids off to awar that
they started with the domino theory.

How about the mining company officials on Bougainville today who
are responsible for a genocidal war against the people on the island
in order to open the copper mine for there profits.

No the death penalty is not for rich people. The death penalty was
invented by them in order to keep poor people in line. Remember how
they screamed the couple of times in history this got turned around.
The French revolution and the guillotine for the rich by the poeble!
The Bolsheviks who put the czar against the wall. Christ they are
still talking about that today.

On the other hand what  about all the Vietnamese who were turned
into dust for the domino theory. Or the 55,000 G.I.s who came back
in bodybags. Oh yeah, the GI,s got a black stone in Washington D.C.
(Idealogically that stone is being used to prepare the next generation
for a new war)

In   America nobody ever talks about the millions of Vietnamese
turned into dust by the bombings.No not at all because the people
controlling things are only interested  in making rules to put down
anybody Vietnamese or American who get in the way.
So don't come with any moral or ideological judgements of the Nick's
and Eddie,s or Bob's in this story. These guys are certainly not
angels. We are at least honest in saying that we were born into a
system which has never nor will never give us a fucking chance. A
system which is built up by oppressing the poor and working class
people.Your nice houses and cars and the rest , yes your standard
of living is kept up by exploiting people like us everywhere on this
fucking planet. So don't start telling us how we should try an survive
a death sentence, from the very day we were born, imposed on us by
the rich so that you can continue your bourgeois historical domination.

Go fuck your selves.

I don't like rich people or their lackeys.

I will never trust you because, Oh it is so fucking simple!, I don't
like you because I have been a victim , just as the little Vietnamese
girl was a victim. We were on the same side. You rich people with
your nice cars and houses are on the other side. Until the historical
inequalities built into this system are erased we are deadly enemies!
So long as there are rich and the poor we are deadly enemies. When
you talk about black mothers on welfare, or dope addicts, or criminals,
your talking about people who never had a chance in thisfucking
society. They are victims just as the little Vietnamese girl was a
And morals !

Nick and eddy and many other poor kids made their livings by selling
drugs to middle-class kids and rich kids coming in from the suburbs.
I remember the moral outrage about this stuff. Why there were articles
in the newspapers everyday about this stuff. Our kids are being
destroyed and all that shit. I even remember seeing articles about
middle-class kids running down to the village to buy pot or LSD being
a fucking communist conspiracy! We thought that it was great to see
kids from the suburbs come down into our part of town slumming.

Later on they would protest against the race riots and the war
in Vietnam.

Well it was people

like Nick and Eddie

Zeke and Clem who got

these kids to let

their hair down.

Let these kids know that their shit stinks just like our shit. The
Nick's and the eddies got all these kids pointed in a direction which
led to that the American bourgeoisie suffered the biggest military
defeat in history in Vietnam. The pot and LSD that the Nick's and
Eddies were selling to these kids was the motor which made these kids
drop out a short period of time in history. That drop out saved just
as many Vietnamese lives as the political organisations did.

I personally would like to thank the Nick's and the eddies of the world.
You were small time gangsters trying to survive in a world you never
understood. But you turned the youth of America on and got them in a
critical moment of history to turn their backs on their bourgeois
parents. And to think that those college kids still today think that
they were solely responsible for helping the Vietnamese win the war!

That is just a crock of bullshit.

We were watching you people long before you even became aware of it.
These kidswere digging music of black people who's forefathers were
slaves! These kids were buying drugs like pot and LSD from the eddies
and Nick's of the world and that money was financing the IRA and the
Cuban Revolutionaries! These kids were buying paintings and lots of
other shit in the village and that money was feeding workers on the
picket lines. This stuff was going on before these kids even new what
race riots were. These kids helped finance the civil rights movement.
The blacks who were dealing drugs were sending money to Martin Luther
King: These kids think probably even today think that the struggle
against inequality started on campus around 1968.

Well, guess what in 1917 the Bolsheviks had the hookers working in
the party. The Bolsheviks understood poor and oppressed people in
1917 and it worked. The point being  that historically there have
been poor and working class kids that in very specials   skills,
(sometimes skills which the bourgeoisie consider criminal)  have had
an enormous effect on the outcome of historical struggles.

The hookers in the Bolshevik party are one example.

The Nick's and the Eddies of the sixties are another example. So I
hope the reader of these lines does not raise any bourgeois moral
arguments or   political arguments which condemn my childhood friends.
There roll in history at this particular time saved a lot of people's
lives especially in Vietnam where in 1963 the American bourgeoisie
decided to take over the roll of the French colonialists after being
military defeated.

These street kids turned on a whole generation. The music came from
black slaves. the drugs came from Cuban, Mexican and Vietnamese
peasants. LSD came from Harvard, but peyote came from the Indians.

In fact the only thing the rich and middle-class kids had at this time
was money!, which they usually got rom their parents.

So no moral crap! O.K.

By the way. Max this is an answer to your letter dated 21/5/95.
The same old discussion of the "we,s"----"they" discussion.
In ending up this stuff on morals and intellectual snobbery I would
like to quote the words of a very old and wonderful blackman Willy!
Willy used to sit on the steps with us kids in the neighbourhood. Willy
was always there. This very old black man. And I remember to this very
day the words he often said to  us kids on the hot, humid summer nights
of New York City. Willie would say:

"Watchit boy, this nigger ain,t got nothin never from rich whiteman!"

Oh Willie, you wonderful old man--how right you were... All these
years we sat with you on the steps and that was what you were trying
to hammer into our heads. Willie how fucking right you were.  I think
Willie deserves a statue right next old Abe Lincoln. Because this man
new what the bottom line in the fight between the have,s and the has
not,s as Willie use to put. Willie with those few words new more about
class struggle then all the fucking liberals alive today.

Hats off to Willie a great black old man!
So I was on thirty days leave from the Navy. These thirty days
quickly turned into 60 days. This meant I was AWOL, (absent without
leave) which mean that I would be court-martialled on returning to the
Navy. AWOL usually means a period of time in the brig, stockade, jail,
or whatever to pay for your crime.I had not committed any crime. In fact
I was getting my head together for the first time in my life. I was
beginning to get a primitive class consciousness. Learning and
choosing which side of the fence to be on the have,s or the have
not,s. Unfortunately the Navy had realised this also.

My friends and I discussed the question of getting out of this 6 year
re-enlistment I had just signed up for. There were a number of good
suggestions. I think Eddie came with the idea of putting on a dress
on returning to ship. That would not work after 3 and a half years
in the Navy. Another suggestion was just don't go back. This was
also not such a good idea because it could mean that people would
start looking for me and find my friends. Finally I decided on a
suggestion that one of my friends had. Let them find out you are
using some kind of heavy drugs, opium, heroin or something like that.
So I returned to the oiltanker and was put on court-martial. I was
found guilty and sentenced to thirty days in the Stockade in
Charlotte, North Carolina. The stockade there is run by the marines.
It was then a real torture chamber. To teach people like me not to
break the rules they had a program of torture to remind you who was
the boss.    One of the more interesting things is taking prisoners
out in the evening and make them lay at attention in the grass. When
the mesquitoes started eating you alive you could not move a muscle
because the marine guards beat your ass if you moved. Fortunately I
did not have to go through this torture. I stayed in the brig in
Charleston 45 minutes! Probably a record.

The morning I was to be sent off to the stockade I put my plan in
to action. I went to the lifeboats on the ship. In the lifeboats there
are medical kits. In these kits there are syrettes ( a needle with a
tube on the end) filled with drugs like morphine and atropine. I took
a number of them and put some holes in my arms. Then I took two sugar
cubes with LSD and off I went to the stockade.

On arriving I was beginning to feel the effects of the chemicals. A
guard came and took me to be registered as a prisoner. They took me
into a shower room and told me to get undressed. By this time I was
really high. I stood there just looking at all the things that were
moving around the room I was hallucinating.

The marine I realised who was my guard stood looking at me with his
mouth hanging down to ankles. He was a southern boy probably never
confronted with somebody with holes in his arms and wiped out of his
mind. He got really fucking nervous and told me to sit down and gave
me a cigarette. He went to get his superiors and I put on a really
convincing scene. They took me into a room put some clothes on me.
Soon after  I was transferred to the Charleston Naval Hospital.
Section 8 the nut ward !

My razor is getting edgy about this stuff. My cat Sputnik has
disappeared now for 4 days. So be back to you soon...

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