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Subject: Re: List Matters--PLEASE READ

I don't have time to moderate a marxism-theory list. I am in law school,
and it's pretty all-consuming. Does anyone on m-2 want to take over from
Lisa in moderating a marxism=-theory list as a continuation of m-2? Or can
we leave it unmoderated until there's problem and then, if there is a
problem, decide what to do then?


On Thu, 26 Sep 1996, Jon Beasley-Murray wrote:

> Both Jon Flanders and Louis Proyect are pretty much right about the state
> of play with the marxism lists, however I'd like to add a little more
> information and some other thoughts.
> Yes, there has been some delay in instituting marxism-international, and
> this has been something of a pity, but apparently unavoidable because of
> the difficulty in co-ordinating given people's real-life schedules.  Plus
> the death of Lisa did of course take everyone aback.
> However, a number of new lists are on the horizon: marxism-international
> and marxism-general being only two of these; marxism-and-sciences,
> marxism-feminism, marxism-psychology, marxism-theory and
> marxism-and-modernity, among others, are in various stages of emergence.
> With the spoon collective, I am trying to encourage *all* those involved
> in constructing these new lists.  We would no doubt have liked to be
> further along in this process of instituting the marxism space, but it
> does seem better to do the job right if this means taking a little longer
> than anticipated.
> On marxism-international specifically, as Jon said, Zeynep has
> been asked to write up a more formal proposal of what she and the other
> co-moderators want to see on this list, and we should be off the ground
> shortly thereafter.  When this happens, marxism-general will also be
> launched, and both marxism and marxism2 will be closed.
> We are more than happy to hear other proposals for lists.  Essentially,
> this requires initiatives from people interested in forming and
> organizing such discussions, in whatever format and on whatever subject.
> I would welcome Louis and/or Doug organizing such an initiative.  Please
> send such proposals to marx-administration at lists.village.virginia.edu,
> though of course either marxism or marxism2 are also good places to
> suggest and discuss such ideas at present.
> If anyone has any questions, ideas, suggestions, please send them to me or
> to marx-administration.  If you have suggestions for
> marxism-international, it would probably be an idea to send them to
> Zeynep, Jon and Louis (G)--though I suspect they have already heard a
> wide variety of opinions on the marxism list, and have a pretty good idea
> of what they want to see on marxism-international.
> Yes, let's move on; this new marxism space is intended to accomodate all
> sorts of ideas and projects--again, please get in touch if you have a
> project for which we can help provide the resources.
> Take care
> Jon
> Jon Beasley-Murray
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