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Dear Max
Just read your letter today on getting back from Malljorca an
island in the Mediterranean Sea. Was there with my job with
mentally undeveloped people.
First I should say I received a letter from Bill S. He had talked
to my daughters on the telephone and received a copy of my letter
(Appeal). He described what he had been doing in the past and
present. Wanted to hear from me about my situation. He thinks
there is a good chance for amnesty orpardon because of "the furor
over the recent McNamara book". I wrote him and gave him my "power
of attorney" based on my letter!

Funny thing but I have been getting numerous signals this year.

1.   The people around Ramsey Clark who are kissing ass at cocktail
     parties in Washinton D.C. Wait till after the elections!
2.   Lawyers who would like to investigate "the legal aspects"
     of my case.
3.   Bill S.s letter which is not clear on what he exactly wants
     to do.
I send you a copy.
My position I think is quite clear. I stand on my letter - I will
never say I am sorry - A pardon or amnesty I will except. I probably
should demand a pension for service to my country and two weeks back
pay , General Motors owes me from the time the F.B.I. walked into
the tankplant I was working in and got me fired. However I have
been modest in my demands without betraying any principles.
Now to the more serious business of your letter! In my first letter
to you my friend I said :

"History is a pyramid of skulls".

I think that you once again you over estimate the term "we won". Who
was we during the second world war. A war buy the way which started
between two imperialists capitalists blocs, on the one side the
Allies on the other the Axis and finally the Russians who fought on
both sides. Before we talk again about "who won". Let's talk about
who lost. First and foremost in the 30ties it was the Spanish
proletariat and later on the German proletariat. The Spanish civil
war and the politics of foremost the Stalinists led to a crushing
defeat of both the Spanish and the German workers. Stalin's alliance
with Hitler against the Social Democrats led to the destruction of
the workers movement, the trade unions, and finally the Stalinists

The victory or victors of the second world war was certainly not
we. It was a coalition of allied imperialist powers + the Stalinists.
In Tereran they divided up the spoils of war. The Japanese
proletariat was destroyed, however both Germany and Japan are once
again powers to be reckoned with. Old historical facts are lining
up the sides once again. Yugoslavia a good example where the
Russians who fought the "Great Patriotic War" against the Nazis,s
are lining up with the Serb Nationalists - The Germans with the
Croatians i.e former fascists - The Americans with the Bosniens.
But what and who are the victims the i.e. serbs,croatian,bosnian,
poor and working class.
I do not believe in a world of good guys and badguys (girls) in
terms of reality. All my experience says that the main enemy is
our own bougeoisie i.e., the fucking nuts who control things in our
own capitalist imperialist country. We that includes me have been
the victims of their policies for centuries. i.e. We are the pyramid
of skulls they have built their world on. Only by organising
ourselves against them can we win otherwise they will continue
to have us killing one another!
Max you certainly would not have survived the Nazis holocaust if
they had won that is true. But the third world today are the victims
of the victors of world war two. They do not gas them with Cyclon B
but there methods are only slower and more vicious!

How many Vietnamese were turned into dust by the American bombings?
How many Iraqis and Kurds were turned into dust by Sadam and great
Imperialist interests. How many more great victories do we need
before Max wakes up to the fact, that we did not win the war just
some battles!!!  By the way saying we won to the bourgeoisie is
correct, however we should never have any illusions about winning
ourselves. Because we have not won. The we being me and poor and
working class people everywhere.
Now to the middle class. I have a theory that the middle class was
created by the bourgeoisie so that they could use there armies for
other tasks. During the coldwar the "Democracies" created a middle
class from the profits of building up the ruins after the second
world war. The Stalinists built up its bureaucracy based on the
might of the red army and the KGB. Both were answers to their needs
to control the poble i.e. me and my friends until the new war.

Now that the Soviet Union has basically disintegrated, it is once
again the major imperialist powers who vy for world domination. Now
the middle class, some good examples, given in your letter very
clearly shows their position. They change sides time and time
again. There position is sort of like the peasants in Russia they
can be manipulated by the historical forces i,e, working class
people and the poor on one side and the ruling class on the
other side.
I only sympathise with the middle class when they take a position
for myside i.e. draftdodgers for example. But I do not believe that
working class kids who deserted trusted them. For very good reasons
they new that these kids did not belong to there lives or class
background. I think that the deserters gut reaction was extremely
intelligent seen in a historical perspective. Because they know
that sometimes they say this and the next time they say that. Meaning
you working class poor creeps from the projects I am better than you
because I have a Volvo and house, 2 kids going to Catholic school
and I will stuff my feet down your throat to keep my handouts from
the ruling class! Bravo!
Of course Max I might be wrong and you right. However my lives
experience and later by reading and discussing has not changed the
basics. Of course there are numerous heroes of struggles throughout
the centuries! You appear to be aquainted with many of them.

I on the other hand thought cholate milk came from a brown cow
until I was fourteen. It took me perhaps another 25-30 to realise
that people like Teddy Roosevelt were far from the heroes that they
taught me in public school and when I finally began to find out all
this shit the American ruling class had the F.B.I., C.I.A., Naval
Intelligence, local and National police after my ass in order to put
me away.    Some of my friends and they are still friends wanted me
to nail myself to a cross.  When I came to Europe the Maoists wanted
me to read the little red bible - the Stalinists were organising
"people's power" . The Social Democrats jumped on the Vietnam
train in 1972 under the leadership of Palme. Today they are cutting
up the welfare state with some bougeois friends.

At the same time all this shit is going on the pyramid of skulls
just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. One of the more recent
examples was a 12 year old from Pakistan who was trying to point
out the slave labor small children in these countries face in order
for their fingers can make such fine rugs. He was murdered by the
rug producers. Of course some of the biggest tears came from people
who bought, walk on, and vacuum clean once a day the same
fucking rugs.
Another example is the recent noise about 20 years after Vietnam.
A Social Democratic woman in the government proudly posed in the
newspapers claiming:

"I burned an American Flag"
at a Vietnam demo. Of course a picture from 20 years ago. Well
today the same woman in the government has put through cuts in
unemployment, childcare, the sick, the old with her bougeois
partners. And you are trying to tell me we won!!! Come on Max I
can't believe you. Don't be angry Max but people like that are
always trying to win. She is sitting where she sits and I am
sitting here writing this letter.
By the way the National T.V. wanted me to come down on the 27th
and do a program live - 20 years after -. However I had promised
my mentally undeveloped friends to go to Malljorca on the 26th of
June so I had to say I could not. To bad I missed a good chance.
They did the program anyway without me. It appears that there is
a lot of nostalgia crap going on everywhere about Vietnam at least
here the last week. People like these mentioned in your letter and
mine about creeping out of the walls!!!

Well I am still sitting here.

No medals,

No pardon,

No nothing.

But my kids love me!

And my mentally undeveloped friends loved Malljorca!
Talking about nostalgia how about a story..
(Here I write to Max about Atomic Bomb drills in the fifties,taken
up earlier in this book.Authors Note)
Take Care Max

The reason I keep fighting Max is because I can perhaps help some
poor kids masturbating on a project roof today from making the same
mistakes as I did. Besides historically what other choice do I have?

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