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I drifted down to Mexico. I stayed there for awhile until the LSD
I had with me was finished. I had come to some conclusions. Drugs
like LSD could    be a catalyst into the future. However staying
high on LSD or anything else can not change reality. You can perhaps
escape reality for awhile but sooner or later it catches up with you.

My childhood friends were running away from reality, although they
thought they were beating the system sometimes. I had realised that
the politics of the streets, was basically based on hate and
desperation. My friends thought that they were changing the world.
However the system they were fighting was far better organised then
they were. There politics were doomed from the beginning. Just as
later on the politics of "burn baby burn" in the ghettos were
												As my money was coming to and end I moved to Los Angeles. There
I got odd jobs as an extra in Hollywood films. I made enough money to start
drifting again. I went to Florida to visit an old friend from the Navy days.
He was married and had children. We went for long walks on the beaches. We
talked many hours about life for working-class people. His position was that
we haven't got a chance to change this fucking world we live in so try and
make the best of it. I began to think that perhaps he was right.
I met my first wife or mother to my three first children on a beach
in  Florida. I was walkingon the beach and she was suddenly just there.
It said click and before I new what was happening I was on my way to
Cleveland where she was living.  I got a job driving trucks loaded
with machinery. We got married and started having kids. I think I
was a good father, however I should let others judge that. My basic
position was that my kids would never have to live like I did when
I was little. Then I got a job at the Allison division of general
motors. It was a defence plant and general motors was making tanks
for the government I was and active member of the union the UAW. I
had and  old car. We had bought a house on a G.I. loan and I thought
well this I guess is the best one can expect from this system. So do
your best and live life the best you can. However this was not to be.
I had tried to build a little nest of security around my family. That
the black ghettos had started to burn I tried to ignore. Christ I was
so busy working shift at the plant getting money to feed the kids and
pay the bills that I was not interested in anything else. The American
government got more and more involved in Vietnam and more and more
people were getting involved. I tried to ignore it but it would not
leave me alone..
It finally came to a head when I received a leaflet, at the plant gate,
sometime in 68, with a picture of a little Vietnamese girl running
down a highway some where in Vietnam with napalm burning holes in her
little body. It was a leaflet about Dow Chemicals production of napalm
and how it was used. That leaflet announced a meeting to be held to
discuss how to get Dow to stop producing this stuff.
That leaflet also caused my brain real problems. Something just snabbt
inside my head on numerous levels. One level was it could of been my
kids running down the highway. Another was it was a couple of Catholic
priests  had given out the leaflet. In New York City, at least in
my neighbourhood, everybody was Catholic. I was never religious. But
it was the church who helped poor people in the slums when I was a kid.
But probably the fact that the leaflet talked about a company! made
me see red... All my life it was the company and the unions. In Cuba
it was the United Fruit Company and the sugar company. They represented
everything that made my life miserable and always it had to do with
the company making more money at the expense of poor and working
class people. My whole fucking life these kind of companies were
trying to get me or my friends killed.
I realised that these companies were never going to let poor people
alone. There was no running away from them. There is no hiding from
them that sooner or later they would get your ass or some other poor
slobs ass. So I just said to myself No! not one more fucking kid
will I allow you to take without a fight. No, not one more poor and
working class kid. That is what this little girls picture did. By
this time also they were recruiting alot of kids to be shipped off
to Vietnam. Working class kids.  Because by this time most of the
middle-class kids were smoking pot, listening to music, and running
off to Canada to dodge the draft. So I felt that I was forced with
a choice. Start working politically to stop the rich from getting
kids like myself or turn my back and creep in a closet somewhere
and hide.
So I went to that meeting. At this meeting I met some other people
who wanted to stop these corporations and the government. However
we strongly    disagreed on tactics. There were priests and lots of
collage kids at these meetings. They must of thought me a factory
worker coming to there meetings was like having somebody from
outerspace walk in the door. Not one ofthem new where I had come
from, nor my past historical experiences. In fact if they were to
read the previous chapters written here they will probably be
surprised. But I believed that they wanted to stop the war and I
did to. But I think also  that my reasons for stopping the war were
entirely different from there's. They were talking about some sort
of middle class utopia that I never could relate too.
One of the big differences I had with these people was that it is
one thing to be a student or a priest and take part in some action.
But if factory workers like myself were to do the same thing they the
government would put my ass away for ever. The police and the
government when I was a kid sided with the strike-breakers and not
the guys on the picket line. These people are the deadly enemies of
poor and working-class people. So right from the beginning most of the
people in the peace movement who talked about utopian peace and love,
and I would tend to say things like working-class kids should turn
the guns around...
For some reason things just clicked in my head. I knew who the enemy
was now in fact I had always known who the enemy was. Even in the
leaflets and statements of responsibility with my very primitive
ideology at the time. I was saying things like:
"we would not accept that the 	government sending
working class kids to kill other working class kids. "

I new that the line was not the line of peace and love, no not at
all, it was a class line between the rich and the poor. I began to
realise that only working class people can rely on themselves and
not any liberal friends who might want to help. O.K. fine if you
want to help but if the working class does not become conscious of
fighting for its own interests independently of liberal and
bourgeois friends they are doomed.  The bottom line of all this I
think at least for my part was the simple fact that I was determined
not to let one person like this little girl in the picture be a
victim. No not one fucking more person, and even if it was only
me against all them I would not let them again try to trick me
into some great applepie dream.

No matter what.
No matter what the price, these corporate creeps had to be stopped!

Much of what was going on in Cleveland at the time I can't
unfortunately take up here. The problem with this is that a secret
grand jury indicted me for a whole lot of stuff. They , the
government wanted to put me away for a very long time for. As far as
I know these indictments still stand as of today. So unfortunately
I can not take up this stuff. It would endanger a lot of people's
lives. However I can say that my activities did not go unnoticed by
the government. I held a lot of press conferences at the time "taking
responsibility" for my actions. This really pissed the government off.
A working class kid sticking up his nose and saying we would not
allow them to take one more working class kid off to this fucking war.
Federal agents for example came to my job at the tank plant and
escorted me from the plant. I was fired for being a security problem
for the plant. The General Motors Corporation still owes me two weeks
pay that I never   received. They probably think I was sabotaging
the tanks or something and feel they could get away with not sending
me my paycheck.

Federal agents turned up just about  everywhere I tried to get
a job and  got me fired...
Federal Agents tapped our phonelines.
Federal agents hired rooms across the street from where we were
living and were photographing and bugging conversations in our
house with special equipment.
Federal agents harassed my family. In fact Federal Agents for
years after I was imprisoned and went underground to Sweden
harassed my family.
Federal agents turned up at my mothers funeral to see if I
would show up.
Federal agents even turned up here in Sweden after I received
asylum. They made me understand that I was  welcome back to the
U.S.  I was even offered a free plane ticket back to the
United States at any time!
So obviously my activities had pissed off the government. But they
never realised how pissed off I was. Someday perhaps all of this
will be able to be put down in a book. Let us hope so. In fact we
did stop the production of Napalm and we did stop the draft. We
won some great victories. But we did not win the war.

Today  it is not Vietnamese kids running down highways, there
little bodies burned by napalm. Today it is little kids getting
killed on Bougainville. The Corporation is RTZ who are responsible
for these deaths. The RTZ has the Australian government inback of
them. The names might have changed  but the victims are still poor
and working class people and the corporation are the one's responsible
for there deaths. It is the same fucking war that we were fighting
back then.The fight to stop greedy corporate creeps and their lackeys
>from committing genocide against innocent people on the island of
Bougainville for profits!
And the so called PNG. If I were to give any advice to the PNG
soldiers or their Australian advisors I honestly would have to say..
Turn the guns around. Arrest the Australian politicians responsible
and get the leadership of the RTZ and put them against a wall.. There
politics are war crimes against innocent people trying to defend
the island which has belong to them until the RTZ discovered gold
and copper deposits and the possibilities of big profits. RTZ is
prepared to kill every person on Bougainville if necessary in order
to open the mine. They will use you PNG, soldiers and Australian
advisors to accomplish their goals. Well, in reality the PNG
soldiers are shooting down innocent people for the mining company.

The mining companies in the United States used scabs brought in
>from the outside to keep the mines open.

Well the PNG are scabs.
The Australians are colonialists!
Is that what you want to be a scab or a tool for colonial interests.
If that is so, well you deserve anything you get. If not turn the
guns around and help the Bougainvillians defend their island.
Think how it would be if all the poor slobs in the PNG turned it
In Vietnam there were kids who started turning it around. Fraggings
of officers by enlisted men became a routine towards the end of the
war. These kids began to realise that there only chance was to join
up with the oppressed against their oppressors. This had probably
happened to the Australians in   Vietnam also. These kids began to
realise that the enemy was not the Vietnamese, no not at all, it
was their own leaders and the profit hungry corporations behind
them, that had tricked them into a war against innocent people.
The poor slobs in the PNG are sent off to die on Bougainville while
the Australian government and the mining company are sitting back on
there fat asses just waiting to move in. Well, if the poor slobs in
the PNG  had any real intelligence they would go over to the
Bougainvillians.Then the assholes in the government and the
mining company would not be laughing.



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