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That was impossible, because my position at the time, was that I
was not going to work for any flag. He understood that and
respected my point of view.
As it turned out R.G. was not Russian at all. He was a German. He
was a young man during the second world war. Joined the Wermacht
(German Army) or was drafted, I don't remember which and was sent
to the Russian front. Just surviving there during the war being
incredible. He was captured by the Russians and sent to a P.O.W.
camp in Siberia. During this time his mom and dad sisters and most
of his family were wiped out. They lived in Dresden, the night the
allied forces firebombed it off the face of the map. Hundreds of
thousands of innocent people were murdered by that bombing,
including most of R.G.s family.
When the war ended in 1945 the cold war started. The Russians,
Americans, British, French, and just about everybody else wanted
to recruit spies to work for them. The KGB were looking for material
in the German P.O.W. camps in Siberia. R.G. was picked up and sent to
spy school. He was good with languages and quickly learned his job. His
motivation was great. His hate of those who were responsible for the
deaths of his entire family.
He came or rather was sent to the United States and successfully
built up a cover as a small business man in oil. This gave him a good
front. He infiltrated the F.B.I. and for years worked them for the
Russians until he got caught and was sentenced to, in reality, a
lifetime prison sentence.
One time when we were rather drunk. Oh yes, there is booze in prison
also. R.G. said to me that he did not regret his life. He became a
Communist because of his hate and his working class background. I
had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Later on in life I would
remember those words well. My sister came to visit me in exile in the
seventies. She had married a jockey and had a house, furcoat, a
diamond ring on her finger and two lovely children, whom she was
sending to Catholic school. We drank a couple of bottles of wine
and I asked her about this stuff. She said that

"bobby you remember how we had it when we were little.
I am never going back to that"
This was my sisters answer to being poor.

A bit selfish, however I understand it. She also said

"that she thought I was a fucking Communist, but your
my brother and I love you".

However, back to R.G. R. G. and I did a spectacular action while we
were at Lewisburg. Wepurposed publicly and to the United States
government that we were prepared to exchange ourselves for two B-52
pilots being held captive in North Vietnam! Alive or dead because
we believed that the Vietnamese were correct in fighting for their
independence. The United States government was a bit pissed off
about that. We were in the newspapers with pictures and all. The
official response to this purposal was that the government was
"not prepared to exchange two hawks for doves"!

Oh well, we tried anyway. This probably was one of the reasons the
government indicted me for conspiracy a couple of months later
before my release from Lewisburg.
R.G. loved his family, families, he had two. One German and one
in the United States. The American family was part of his cover,
but he loved them just as well. Later on when underground on my way
to exile in Sweden I went by the way of East Germany. Thus keeping a
promise of delivering a message to R.G.s family. I remember very
well crossing the border into the east and trying to explain my
reasons to the guards. A helicopter ride more discussions,leaving
a message only after another helicopter ride and futher discussions.
Finally a free ticket and meals to the boat to Sweden. However that
is another story. Besides if the Americans want to know about this
stuff they can find it in the Stasi files. Ha, Ha,Ha!
Jimmy Hoffa...Occupation: leader of the powerful Teamsters Union...
Serving time for tax evasion.
Jimmy Hoffa was a little man in size. Perhaps he had a Napoleon
complex. But he was a powerful trade union leader loved by his
members. He was accused of having connections with the Mafia,
of being a gangster, and the Kennedy boys wanted to put him away
forever. I had the privilege of eating dinner with Jimmy in Lewisburg
one time along with his bodyguards. In our discussions one realised
that Jimmy was a working class kid. He was tough and extremely angry
for being put behind bars at the height of his career. I have not
seen the film about Hoffa as of yet. I have however, two clear and
lasting impressions about Jimmy who soon would disappear never to
be found again.

The first incident was out in the prison yard one day. The prison
yard is where we could exercise, play sports, or just walk around,
all under the watchful eyes of the guards in the guntowers. All of
a sudden Jimmy, who was walking out in the yard,  grabbing his balls
in one hand and shaking his fist at    the sky with the other he
"I am gonna grab America by the balls!".
I looked at Jimmy,s face. His face was a mixture of fear, rage and
desperation. He was going crazy. He was at the top of his career,
rich, powerful and in jail for a very longtime for the government.
However the last was not to be.
Richard Nixon pardoned Jimmy Hoffa!
He walked scott free!
My theory about this is that the government new very well that
political activists in Lewisburg were trying to get Jimmy to join a
anti-war coalition. Serious discussions were going on and the
possibility of a coalition was a real threat to Tricky Dick. The
consequences could have been devastating for the Nixon administration.
There are other theories. That Hoffa made a deal which in reality
mean,t selling out the union in the negations in exchange for
freedom. Irregardless of all this, the fact is that Jimmy Hoffa
made a deal! By doing this I believe that Jimmy betrayed the poor
and working class people.
I saw Jimmy leave prison.Soon after he disappeared. Some say the
Mafia killed him. Others the government. Both had good reasons to
see him out of the way. What does the reader think? Anyhow I don't
know how the film about Jimmy Hoffa ends. But I personally have no
tears for Hoffa. His deal with the government mean,t that poor and
working class people would have to pay for his freedom.

This brings to mind a man who slept in the bed next to mine. A
chief in one of the powerful Mafia families. A man who I felt a
great deal of respect for. A man who perhaps had a long line of
crime in his background. But a man who I saw as a class conscious
union man. He knew what it was like to be raised on the streets of
New York City. He was smart, tough and fought, probably killed some
people on his way to the top. But one thing you never did was make
deals with the government.
He fought the scabs as a kid.
He new that the government was no friend of the working man.
There was a big difference in the Mafia back in those days. There
were the guys who were raised on the streets and the docks. There
were the guys like Myer Lansky who wanted to become more respectable.
Casino,s politics and all that. Cuba is a perfect example of the Mafia
division at this time. On the one hand people allied with Batiste
and the casinos, on the other those who were running guns to Castro
in the mountains. This was a blood line! and a class line. My friend
represented those who supported Castro. Jimmy Hoffa crossed that
line in making a deal with Nixon. But as to who killed him. Who
knows, both the government and the Mafia had very good reasons.
Then there was the big conspiracy case against Phil Berrigan the
Catholic priest and others. They were charged with conspiracy to bomb
the White House and take out the B-52,s on Guam. This case was built
up by the F.B.I. with an informer named Boyd Douglas sent into the
prison to get the goods on people.

Anyhow the government claimed that numerous people sitting in
Lewisburg along with people on the outside were planning all this
stuff. I remember well the charges coming down. It caused quite alot
of discussions and planning. I won't delve into to this stuff to
deeply, because many of the participants in this drama are alive and
well today. Unlike Jimmy Hoffa they did get a pardon from the
government. One of the aspects of this case however I can take up.
I could have been a defence witness for Phil Berrigan. However I was
to be charged with my own conspiracy case. I think the government
realised  that prison at Lewisburg did not stop people like myself,
nor others, from  fighting the government and its insane policies
and criminal politics, in the war  against the Vietnamese people...
This was surpose to be a short story. The phone just rang and it
was a friend from Australia. He told me a little more about
McNamara,s book. The book has been on the front pages in the
Australian newspapers! And in the United States also. Well, McNamara
should have known what was going on. Perhaps people after reading
his book and mine! will realise that people like myself were right
in doing the things we did to protest and try to stop the war.
Perhaps they will even go one step futher and let people like me


because we face prison for our actions, which by the way we always
took responsibility for. 23 years now I have been living in exile.

Mom died in the late seventies and I could not attend her funeral.

The F.B.I. were waiting there!

I will never say I am sorry, I am proud of my actions. I can look
my children in the eyes and answer them if they ask me "What I was
doing during the war!". Unlike creeps climbing out of the walls today
claiming they knew all along that the war was all wrong. McNamara
that is a cheap and cowardly act. However better late then never. But
there are people still out here , that still can not return to the
United States today. How about us? McNamara. If you had  any real
guts you and that draftdodger Bill Clinton would get us a pardon
or amnesty!

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