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Adam Rose adam at
Fri Sep 27 03:32:39 MDT 1996

Malecki drivels as follows:
> Hugh writes;
> >Louis P is determined to continue his consistent but unprincipled and
> >criminal (libellous accusation of a comrade as a police spy) smear of Bob
> >M. No proof just a mindless repetition of innuendo and suspicion.
> <snip>
> Another nail in the coffin of Proyect, the neo-Stalinist yelllow journalist.
> 10 days left proyect. Still no hard "proof" of your cop agent accusations.
> By the way i noticed Adams apoligy yesterday to "Malecki and Hugh
etc etc etc yawn yawn yawn.


You asked why it took me so long.
Here is your answer.


Adam Rose


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