'Stalinist' : an insult or a diagnosis ?

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Fri Sep 27 08:36:52 MDT 1996

J plant says:
>My view of the term Stalinism is based on its origin in the theory of
>'socialism in one country', and its origins in the requirement of a
>privileged layer in the Soviet Union. The rest flows from that.

Lenin on the question of the victory of socialism in one country

"Uneven economic and political development is an absolute law of capitalism.
Hence, the victory of socialism is possible FIRST in several or even ONE
capitalist country taken separately.  The victorious proletariat of THAT
COUNTRY, having expropiated the capitalists and ORGANISED SOCIALIST
world, attacting to its cause the oppressed classes of other countries,
raising revolts in those countries against the capitalists, and in the event
OF NECESSITY even coming out with armed force against the exploiting classes
and their states" - V.I. Lenin, see Volume XVIII, pp 232-33)

Therefore, what you call "Stalinism" is nothing but another word for
Leninism, while Trotskysm - or that "doctrine" which denies ONTOLOGICALLY
even the possibility of this road been put in practice - is in fact
reverting to old Menshevik/dogmatic views - totally departing from Leninism.

We do
>not yet have much theory about 'post-Stalinist stalinism' - the newly
>social-democratic CPs of Eastern Europe and formations such as
>'Democratic Left' in Britain. I agree with Chris that a discussion
>aimed at clarifying the use of the word 'Stalinist' would be useful.
>Can't be done on this list, you'd be clarified to death by the
>big-volume keyboard cowboys.
>jplant at cix.compulink.co.uk

You may not.  Demonstrating thus how backward and stuck in time is the
ONTOLOGICAL view of the Trotskyst dogmatists.  However we do have one: It is
called Modern Revisionism and its very basis lays in denying Stalin's
achievements, slandering the proletarian dictatoship under the pretext of
"criticising Stalin's mistakes and excesses", and merging in practice with
Trotskysm in amorphus anti-revolutionary "Unity lists".


PS:  That did not take a lot of keyboard volume either!

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