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Doug wrote:

>Today's New York Times has a story on the testimony of a South African
>spook-hitman who said that his country killed Olaf Palme. Anyone know any

Check out the Mail & Guardian at


They've been doing a long series of articles on that apartheid government's
dirty tricks/low-intensity warfare campaign as part of their coverage of a
former cop's sentence-mitigation testimony.

*Extremely* interesting stuff.

-- Matt D.

Here's their bit today on Palme:

_SA linked to Palme murder_

    SWEDISH authorities have confirmed that the name of SA
superspy Craig Williamson did crop up in their
investigations into the assassination of Swedish prime
minister Olof Palme in 1986.
  Giving evidence in mitigation of sentence in the Pretoria
Supreme Court yesterday, police assassin Eugene de Kock,
found guilty on charges including fraud, murder and
attempted murder, said Williamson had participated in the
assassination --  one of several "Operation Long Reach"
missions that took the apartheid government's dirty tricks
operations beyond the country's borders.
  Swedish authorities, who have yet to solve the mystery
surrounding Palme's assassination, intend investigating the
new information linking Williamson, who is believed to be in
Angola, to the Swedish prime minister's death.
  Williamson's lawyer Robert Levin said Williamson, a former
police spy, was negotiating with the Truth and
Reconciliation Commission and would shortly present an
amnesty application to the truth body.
  In a 1990 interview Williamson denied any SA involvement
in the assassination, though said he had "a few friends" in
Sweden. According to Swedish journalists, he was running an
intelligence network in that country when Palme was killed
while leaving a Stockholm cinema with his wife. Some believe
Palme was killed for stopping arms deals to Iran. Palme was
also a staunch supporter of the anti-apartheid struggle and,
according to one Swedish journalist "Palme had one main
professional enemy in the world -- the SA apartheid

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