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Robert Malecki malecki at
Fri Sep 27 11:06:40 MDT 1996

>> My plan is this, to post the picture
>I have on this and other lists and in USENET
>newsgroups and ask everyone if they recognize
>Malecki from either his service period or
>his so-called stint in the anti-war movement.
>I don't think it is a good idea. We know that Malecki committed a
>serious breach of netiquette and probably of law by misusing the LU
>membership list. We know too that he has now mailbombed the entire
>membership of marxism with his book, having several times previously
>advised us about where to find it if we wanted to. (Check the
>archives). He has demonstrated more clearly than all the previous
>accusations levelled against him that his intention is to disrupt the
>list. Anybody who intends to moderate any of the new lists now knows
>exactly what to expect if they allow Malecki to subscribe.

Plant one of the moderaters of the "unity" list is using the issue to expose
Malecki's mailbombing tactics and disruption. Well it is Plant himself that
allowed the yellow journalist and Stalinist slander Proyect back on to the
"Unity" list! Yes, a man that goes out all over the net accusing Malecki of
being a cop. Above and beyond that Plant is responsible for the
banning,expulsions, and exclusions of people from the "Unity" list because
of political line. He also was involved in making up special rules for
certain people who were never on the list in the first place thus never
could have broken the rules. But Proyect the yellow journalist is welcomed
back with open arms as he lies and slanders people living in exile with no
proof. So to teach us of principles and Malecki is pretty difficult. How
about taking a look at your own *real* actions Plant.

A bureaucrat with the finger on the button and purging people who's only
crime is to defend what they believe to be authodox Trotskyism against the
>Your proposed response would be exactly what a provocateur would be
>hoping for. It would absolve Malecki of the odium properly to be
>heaped upon him by all list members. It would also annoy and alienate
>a lot of people outside the marxism list who really don't want to
>know about the lunacy that has come to reign here.

Funny arguement Plant. Advice giver to people who slander and lie! The real
lunacy is your twisted defense of the yellow journalist Proyect and his
slanders and lies and your advice to the court photographer who has a
history of wanting to publish pictures of political opponents in the
Peruvian left on the Net. A very dangerous thing to do Plant. In reality you
are supporting those who help imperialism and Peruvian authorities to get
the goods on people. How does it feel?

Bob Malecki

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