Fri Sep 27 13:02:14 MDT 1996

          I can't help noticing that Robert Malecki really gets into a mode
          of denunciation that,  for  all  his  ritualistic invocations  of
          Trotskyism, sounds an *awful* lot  like what you'd expect from  a
          Stalinist.  (I really don't  mean  to  start  a  big  fight  over
          labels, either; just making a frankly impressionistic point).  He
          comes up with a dopey label or epithet for some opponent and then
          just  beats  it  to  fucking death.   Now,  for  example,  it  is
          "neo-Stalinist yellow journalist."  Until recently, it  was  "the
          elegant baronness."  Over  and  over  and  over  he  repeats  it,
          endlessly.  And  it sounds like nothing in  the world so much  as
          the  way,  in  earlier  decades,  the  term "Trotsky-fascist"  or
          "running dogs  of imperialist reaction"  or  whatever (there  was
          some standard phrase for the Titoites, can't think of  it now) --
          standardized, rather hypnotic phrases -- were recited.

          Again, this is not a question of politics.  More like, robotics.

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