the cuckoo-nest of "degenerated workers staters"

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Fri Sep 27 14:35:29 MDT 1996

>I have big disagreements with Hugh and Rakesh at times but they teach a number
>of good things on the
>grasping of marxist method on the front  of political economy most off all.
>You should also pay closer attention to Walt Daum on these questions too.  Did
>you ever get his book by the way?
>These forces are not even in the left-communist melieu, but i study this
>material seriously, to learn from it, and not only to get quotes to nail them
I am in no position to teach anybody how to grasp Marx's method or anything
about political economy.   I post about these matters often in order to
provide critical commentary from a very interested reader and student to
those who have really done all the necessary work.

For me to become more than a superficial observer, I would imagine that it
will take a decade of reading Marx, classical political economy and various
revisionists and critics in the original (none more important in my opinion
than the real lion of the anti Marxists--Joseph Alois Schumpeter).

Moreover, I have no deep knowledge of the development of institutions at
both the national and global level and little understanding of econometrics
and the new work in Quantitative Marxism.

I am sure this is obvious to those who have read my posts.

At this point there are many times I am unsure about and even disagree with
what I  have posted and anxiously await a challenge or a correction from
someone else.

However, I  have reached some preliminary conclusions about the nature,
strengths and weaknesses and contemporary relevance of Marx's critique of
political economy. There has been much brilliant work of late in my
opinion. I will not make yet another list of readings here partially
because I don't want to leave any important works out. In terms of Neil's
posts, I do agree that there is much to be learned from Walt Daum's work.


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