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Hans Ehrbar ehrbar at
Fri Sep 27 14:01:58 MDT 1996

Yes, Robert is one of the moderators of marxism-intro.
He is a compassionate revolutionary with a keen sense
of justice.  He empathizes with his fellow people and
he is very courageous.  While Louis Proyect first
brought forward his unfounded charges that Robert is a
police agent and now reneged on it without as much as
a hint of an apology, I will try to prove that Robert
is not destroying every email list he is on, and I
will not renege on it.  All you will have to do is
sign on to the list once it has started, and you will
be able to convince yourself.  It is not Robert, it is
Louis Proyect who is destroying lists.

Robert's mail bombing last night was an error as he
himself admitted.  He tried to defend himself against
some absurd "proofs" brought forward by Louis Proyect
which, frankly, reminded me of the proofs Rolf sent to
the list a long time ago purporting to show that Chris
was a police agent.  Fortunately, all this is in the
archives for ever, so that everyone can get to know
what Louis is capable of.

I want to add something else. When I was working at
the assembly line in Detroit, I never asked a worker
about his or her past unless they volunteered.  I
don't know how Louis wants to organize workers if they
must be afraid that he goes after them the way he
threatened to do with Robert.

Hans Ehrbar.

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