Louis climbs down (plummets to the street)

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Fri Sep 27 17:03:03 MDT 1996

Louis P thinks he can now just weasle away from his criminal libel on Bob
M, just as he's recently been trying to chicken out of providing the proof
for his criminal charge:

>Louis: I have reconsidered my charge against you. I believe that Matt D.
>is correct and I am not. I am convinced that you are a mental patient and
>not a provocateur.

Louis is convinced of nothing of the sort. He knows he's lost his battle to
smear Bob as a cop provocateur, so he tries to pretend *he didn't really
mean it*!!!

In fact he's quite satisfied that he's thrown enough mud for at least some
of it to stick. I mean he's won over JJ to his side and in fact the whole
of unity-list (the ones who dare to say anything there). And he's poisoned
the whole atmosphere of the list for over a week now with his criminal
charges quite deliberately and frivolously levelled to smear a political
opponent and create a self-fulfilling prophecy about the quality of the
unmoderated list.

Well, the list has proved its mettle. Just a week of bluster and Louis is
forced to beat an undignified retreat in the face of demands for real proof
and real argument. This is an excellent indicator of the health, political
and otherwise of the list.

Louis is no amateur. He doesn't come on like some newbie Marx-eater like
poor Mark Adkins who got cut down to size in three days flat.

He's an old hand who knows what strings to pull, who to stroke and whose
face to throw acid into. And this time he just pulled the strings tighter
and tighter round his own neck, found himself stroking strange parts and
got his acid right back in his very own face.

I know his allies are going to feel really great about the way he lets them
plummet to the street with him now he's finally sawn off the flagpole he
was sitting on.

Now that Louis's cavalierly flung aside his criminal libel against Bob,
like a puppy forgets a bone it's been growling at all morning for some new
plaything, perhaps his seconds will take over the task of providing the

Gary. You've always been very impressed by Louis's Hard Intellectual Work,
how about going to Cleveland to give him a helping hand now he needs it? I
mean, you at least are really convinced of Bob's guilt, aren't you? And
you're your own man, aren't you? So go ahead and finish the job where Louis
left off.

And JJ, you're good at digging things out of archives. Maybe Louis just
needs some professional help to find the evidence of Bob's cop career? I
mean, it would look really too stupid to have nodded sagely at Louis's
vicious lies, taken them for gospel, and then just have to walk away from
them like a pile of cat shit, wouldn't it?

Maybe you could all mobilize the combined talents of the unity-list to
rescue Louis from this ignominious climbdown. I mean, there's an awful lot
at stake, isn't there? Louis pitted his whole reputation, the lot --
Factoid Man, Hard Intellectual Worker, Sweet Reason Personified in the
Right Surroundings, the Man the Sectarians Love to Hate, Mr New York Left
-- he pitted it all on *crushing* Malecki, the evil cop provocateur and
lousy speller. And now he's landed splat on his face on the concrete.



PS I forgot Doggie Doug Doug again. Shucks.

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