Louis climbs down (plummets to the street)

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Fri Sep 27 17:00:57 MDT 1996

On Sat, 28 Sep 1996, Hugh Rodwell wrote:

> Now that Louis's cavalierly flung aside his criminal libel against Bob,
> like a puppy forgets a bone it's been growling at all morning for some new
> plaything, perhaps his seconds will take over the task of providing the
> proof?

Louis: OK, I'll take it back. He is a rat provocateur. The proof? His
chapter on the Cleveland "events". Anybody who can read this stuff without
laughing out loud is beyond me.

1. He runs out of LSD and then goes to Hollywood to get a job as an extra.

2. He drifts to Florida where somebody tells him that workers have it

3. He next goes to Cleveland where he lands a job working in a tank

4. Somebody sticks one antiwar leaflet in his hand as he is leaving the
factory and he decides--this factory worker--to go to a peace activists'

5. There he argues for Lenin's position on WW1. Turn the imperialist war
into a civil war.

6. Next he decides to take matters into his own hands and commits "some
acts". To this day, we don't know what these "acts" are. Carrying out
these acts means giving up his job, his house, his wife, his kids.

7. He takes it upon himself to publicize his "acts" at press conferences
without any visible support from the Cleveland Peace Movement.

8. This lands him in prison, but--no problem--as soon as he gets out, he
does exactly the same thing again. Only we don't know exactly what the
fuck that is. He "messed up" the computer system at Dow Chemical? This guy
who couldn't smoke a cigarette and drink beer at the same time is going to
mess up the computer system at Dow? Who does he think he is? Me?

9. He somehow manages to elude the federal authorities and flee to Sweden.
Federal agents then visit him and offer him a free ticket back to the USA.
This is really rich stuff. I mean we are really talking Monty Python here.
Who could you imagine playing the bellybottom man? How about the buy who
played the crazy professor in "Back to the Future"? What was his name

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