Joining the ruck

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Fri Sep 27 18:05:57 MDT 1996

Dave B writes:

>> To Bob and his defenders,
>Count me in.
>I have been on the list about a week.  Some people may have seen
>publishing your book as "wrecking". I don't, I downloaded it so I can
>print it and circulate it.  Its the best answer to all the charges
>that have been thrown at you so far. The book is about the reality of
>capitalism, unlike this list which is dominated by petty bourgeois
>prima donnas whose egos loom much larger than socialism.
>I belong to a communist organisation which is fighting to regroup serious
>trotskyists internationally. The only purpose I am on this list is to
>identify prospective regrouping partners. I am only interested in
>serious political discussion.  I am for an open unmoderated list.
>And for quantity into quality.
>>Dave. Liaison Committee of Militants for a Revolutionary Communist

Good on ya, Dave!

Welcome to the ruck.



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