Doug admits Louis P had no grounds for his libel

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Fri Sep 27 18:10:50 MDT 1996

>>No, I don't think
>>Malecki's a cop, but Jesus H. Christ, Hans, an anti-Marxist couldn't think
>>of a better way to disgrace Marxism. Pathetic.
>*NOW* he tells us Bob isn't a cop after all!! *NOW*, after panting along
>all weeek behind Louis P with his tongue hanging out!
>And again, not a word of apology for a criminal libel perpetrated on a list
>Doug has long considered his own territory.
>Indeed, an anti-Marxist couldn't think of a better way to disgrace Marxism.
>We'll see what interesting walks Louis will be taking Doug on next.

Look Rodwell, malecki may no be a cop - in my opinion - only because is hard
to believe that any cop could be as flatfooted as malecki is. However, he is
still a provocateur - in my opinion - whether he is a certified madman or not.

Moreover, you as QC for MI6 snitches like George Orwell, acting as malecki's
solicitor, is - in my opinion - a clear indication that all might not be
that kosher in that front.

In Peru, the Rasputin of the regime - Vladimiro Montesinos - was a lawyer
for big drug dealers before becoming Fujimori's aide de camp and then being
accussed as a drug dealer himself.  Would YOU want Montesinos as his lawyer
if you were to be accussed of drug-dealing?.  Any one with a mite of grey
matter in his thinking box would rather have him for the prosecution and
then he may be sure of acquital, whether innocent or not.

In my court of Law, I would condemn Louis Proyect to pay a $ 250.00 dollars
fime for admiting "libel" against malecki to the revolutionary cause of his

However, I would award cost against the plaintiff for PROVOCATION AGAINST
Louis Proyect, causing an idiotic prosecution to be brought before the
court, wasting the court's time, exasperating the accussed - and quite a few
other people in this list - beyond the endurance that can be expected from
any normal red hot human being.

Costs to be assessed at $100.000.00

payable to the Court.

Unless, of course, the litigants would rather settle in private.


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