Alice in Wonderland

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Sep 27 20:28:23 MDT 1996

> On Sat, 28 Sep 1996, Hugh Rodwell wrote:
> Now that Louis's cavalierly flung aside his criminal libel against Bob,
> like a puppy forgets a bone it's been growling at all morning for some new
> plaything, perhaps his seconds will take over the task of providing the
> proof?

Louis: After first replying to this, I go in to the bedroom to watch the X
Files, my favorite show. During the second commercial, I realize how
mentally ill ultra-Trotskyism can drive you. Hugh is threatening me with
criminal libel against Robert Malecki, who is supposed to be a fugitive
>from American justice. I say no, this is a lie. He represents American
justice in his capacity as provocateur on Internet marxist forums.

My accusation that he is a cop rather than a bad-guy who creamed the
Dow computer would vindicate him in a US court and his name would be
cleared. Vlademir Bilenkin and Hans Ehrbar would meet him at the airport
and strew posies at his feet.

Oh, I'm sorry. If he came back to the United States, it means that he
would be a cop after all. Oh, gosh. Is this like the Greek paradox that in
Ionia all statements are false, including this one?

Well, look, let me go ahead and confess. Yes, Malecki I am slandering you.
You are not really a criminal. You are a law-abiding citizen. Now I
promise to give you every penny I have once you come to collect it. I have
$78,000 in T-Bills that mature in December. This money is yours.

But that's only if you are,, innocent... Oh, I
get so confused.

I know, Hugh, here's the answer. Why don't you Morenoites, all eleven of
you, seize state power in England and then demand Malecki's files so we
can see the truth. You can threaten to export English cuisine into the
United States or some other high-pressure tactic.

You are a silly boob, aren't you?

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