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Sat Sep 28 01:19:50 MDT 1996

>          I can't help noticing that Robert Malecki really gets into a mode
>          of denunciation that,  for  all  his  ritualistic invocations  of
>          Trotskyism, sounds an *awful* lot  like what you'd expect from  a
>          Stalinist.  (I really don't  mean  to  start  a  big  fight  over
>          labels, either; just making a frankly impressionistic point).  He
>          comes up with a dopey label or epithet for some opponent and then
>          just  beats  it  to  fucking death.   Now,  for  example,  it  is
>          "neo-Stalinist yellow journalist."  Until recently, it  was  "the
>          elegant baronness."  Over  and  over  and  over  he  repeats  it,
>          endlessly.  And  it sounds like nothing in  the world so much  as
>          the  way,  in  earlier  decades,  the  term "Trotsky-fascist"  or
>          "running dogs  of imperialist reaction"  or  whatever (there  was
>          some standard phrase for the Titoites, can't think of  it now) --
>          standardized, rather hypnotic phrases -- were recited.
>          Again, this is not a question of politics.  More like, robotics.

Not really Scott. Proyect the neo-Stalinist yellow journalist represents
exactly what Proyect is doing on the list. As a neo-Stalinist he is using
the worst sort of slander and lies, yellow journalism to go after Malecki on
this list. No proof. Just lies and slanders thrown out their as if they were
the truth. This has been his only arguement.

As far as the "elegant Baroness" is concerned. It came too along with the
"ivory tower" and the "duck pond" in the creation of M2.

The "elegant Baroness" was acting like the French Monarchists before the
french revolution in her creation of M2 and special rules and executer of
those rules.

Naturally you would not understand that because you probably don,t agree
with the political analisis in back of the words.

Of course i notice that it is entirely OK from your side to call people
sleezy lumpens, cockroaches, and a whole lot of other shit. But, you are
only worried about characterizations that effect the intellectuals on this list.

Bougeos culture and table manners only applies among the "marxists" who have
their noses stuck so far up their asses they do not even know that their
shit stinks.

And the Proletarian wing has been very careful with names. I could have
called Proyect a "big scumbag" or something. Or Lisa a  "liberal bitch", but
i did nothing of the sort.

I tried to at least keep it political. That is much better then the
Intelligensia on this list have treated poor and working class people when
it comes to name calling.

Bob Malecki

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