Proyect backs down! Still loved by "Unity" list!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Sep 28 01:19:40 MDT 1996

>On Fri, 27 Sep 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:
>> And that i send in my book as evidence to this bougeois court and defend
>> myself against these unprecedented smear tactics and slander appears sick to
>> you.
>Louis: I have reconsidered my charge against you. I believe that Matt D.
>is correct and I am not. I am convinced that you are a mental patient and
>not a provocateur. Now would you do me a favor and give me the name of
>your doctor. I would like Chris Burford to give him a call to see if they
>can get a more powerful medication for you.

New charges from the yellow journalist? Or a deguised way of backing down from
the accusations of cop agent provacateur. The yellow journalist Proyect is
getting worried. He has no proof about Bob Malecki and has turned M1 into a
bougeois court where he is judge, jury and prosecuter. So now he is changing
his story! Now Bob Malecki is no longer a cop and agent provacateur in the
pay of imperialism. Just a nutcase!

Not only that but the "unity" list at Jefferson Village  darling (Proyect)
who comes and goes when he pleases, turns to new slander and lies instead of
apoligizing to this list and publically on Usenet! And Proyect is on "Unity"
again for his efforts in exposing Malecki.

You are dead politically Proyect. And the "Unity" list that welcomed this
yellow journalist of the lowest sort to come and go as he pleases while
banning,excluding and expelling Trotskyists is also in big political trouble!

Proyect has committed political Hari Kari. Anybody who would believe a word
this Neo-Stalinist yellow journalist says after this are the real nut cases!
And those who have supported Louis either openly or from in back of the
scenes. Doug, the liberal,, Plant the moderater of "Unity", The court
photographer from Detroit and maoist lapdog, Gary another maoist lapdog
openly and out front helped Proyect in his campaign of slander and lies. A
united front of supporters for Proyect and his neo-Stalinist yellow journalism.

Especially there is the "unity" list at Jefferson Village which opened the
doors to Proyect in the middle of this campaign of slander and lies. Thus
proving that the "Unity" list will do anything to get the left opposition.
As long as "Unity" has Proyect on his list you will be know as the bureau of
protection of Neo-Stalinists yellow journalists like Proyect. While at the
same time banning,excluding and expelling those who will struggle for

And then there are those who quietly watched this spectacle and said nothing
or  have given half assed apologies like Adam who apoligized but wants
Malecki off the list and not Proyect! In fact back handed support to Proyect!

This question has done more to show the real quality of the so called
"Marxists" on this list and on the "Unity" list at Jefferson Village then
most of the political discussions. Hopefully the archives will be saved so
that people can see what the variouis actors have done.

Hats off to those who stood up against yellow journalism and vile slander. Hugh,
Hans, Vlad, Neil, PO, and others. Especially the moles on "unity" should be
mentioned here. Because for obvious reasons they can not speak for themselves.

Hats off even for Aldolfo! Because he openly declared he did not think
Malecki was a cop in the pay of imperialism. Despite the rhetoric that in
fact Trotskyists are cops anyway. This was a hardline Stalinist political
line. And should be combatted politically.

Now that Proyect the yellow journalist is trying to creep out of the corner
he found himself in for a while. This yellow journalist went from the corner
to the cliff and dived off at 700 miles and hour to his own political
suicide. He is dragging and still appears to be dragging a whole lot of
people with him in the fall. You know who you are and better i know who you
are as others who have acted in a principled way in this struggle.

Especially to the "Unity" list people at Jefferson Village. You are going to
pay dearly politically for your alliance with this yellow journalist
neo-Stalinist Proyect being welcomed with open arms while the
bans,exclusions, and expulsions still stand against those who's only crime
is to defend what they believe to be and orthodox Trotskyist line. The
"Unity" list unites (!) with yellow journalism and slander of Trotskyists
connected to special rules against those who have committed no crime other
then to apply for membership in the discussion around "unity".

Anybody who opens their eyes will see that the "Unity" list in reality are
prepared to block with the lowest sort of neo-Stalinist yellow journalism
against those who try to fight for Trotskyism. That is the bottom line of
these fake Trotskyists.

A new sign should be put up in the charter of the "Unity" list.
Neo-Stalinists yellow journalists welcome! Anybody whose is against the
Trotskyists join here! If we can,t keep them out with bans,exclusions and
expulsions. We on "unity" will join hands with the neo-Stalinist yellow
journalism to slander them  and accuse them of being cops and agent
provacateurs in the pay of imperialism. Because in practice letting Proyect
on to the "Unity" list in the middle of this struggle was and open
declaration of support to slander and lies. The "Unity" list was even warned
not to let this yellow journalist back on to the "Unity" list and rushed to
sign him on again!

As long as Proyect is welcomed with open arms at the "Unity" list at
Jefferson Village and Malecki, Hugh, Ben B, and others are kept off because
of wanting to discuss Trotskyism I will post this letter everytime i see
someting about the "Unity" list. YOu ban,exclude and expell Trotskyists and
allow the lowest sort of neo- Stalinist yellow journalist on the list with
open arms!

The "unity" list as a choice. End the bans, exclusions and expulsions of the
Trotskyists. Or continue to ally yourselves with the lowest sort of
Neo-Stalinists yellow journalism of Proyect. But you will take political
responsibility for that choice.

Towards the reforging of a Communist International!

Bob Malecki

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