Proyect on Unity list!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Sep 28 01:20:14 MDT 1996

Proyect the yellow journalist begins his crusade against Trotskyism on the
Unity List!  He is allowed to run around with his anti trotskyists ravings
everywhere. But the real Trotskyists are banned,exclude or expelled from the
Unity list for upholding what they believe to be a Trotskyist line!

Bob Malecki

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On Fri, 27 Sep 1996 DavidMcR at wrote:

> Do I have time in my life to read the TP? And the answer is no, I don't
> I do (heresy). This all seems so distant from the world I see outside my
> window,  that to assume it really does relate to the here and now
involves a
> mystic belief in Trotsky that I never had.

Louis: Look, I have exactly the same attitude even though I had
practically memorized the TP early in my life. The TP just doesn't address
our living political reality. What does?

Last night I heard Ralph Nader at the Ethical Culture Society. He was on a
panel with some other speakers, including Arthur Cheliotes, the President
of Local 1180 of the CWA. Arthur, who I know, is a Labor Party activist
but told the crowd that he plans to endorse Clinton. Then, a
representative of Ron Daniels' group "Coalition for a New Tomorrow"
delivered a blistering speech about why it was wrong to support Clinton.
It was like listening to Malcolm X. Next Micah Sifrey of the Nation
Magazine, a Nader endorser, chastised him for ten minutes for not running
a serious campaign. Then Nader spoke, who was brilliant. The wife of a
good friend of mine was staffing the Nader table. She called me to ask me
if I can leaflet the AFL-CIO teach-in at Columbia next week. I will be
there with my friend from the UAW union at Barnard, where they just won a

This is the stuff of politics, not reading tracts from the 1930s.

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