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Sat Sep 28 03:27:47 MDT 1996

On Fri, 27 Sep 1996 19:06:37 +0200 (MET DST) malecki at (Robert
Malecki) writes:
>>Bob "America's Most Wanted" Malecki writes:
>>>Any communist on this list would condemn Proyect. But the Communist
>are few
>>>here. And the defenders of Proyect many. So much for the "marxist"
>on this
>>>list! You are cowards and silently watch this stuff going on while
>>>escalates this stuff everyday! The silent cowards are just as bad if
>>>worse then Proyect himself.
>>I was reading this and thinking, "Hmm.  Maybe Lou *is* being too hard
>>on poor old Malecki.  It must be very upsetting to be called out as a
>>cop."  But then I read:
>>>Malecki shall post the entire book in Chapters to the list today in
>>Well goddamn it, Bob!  This is WRECKING behavior!  Even if you
>>did do something back in the day, your reticence to provide details
>>becomes suspicious when your actions now are so clearly devoted
>>to making any Marxism space you can get your bits into uninhabitable.
>>My current theory is that you're posting from the ward of the
>>hospital to which you've been committed.
>>To Utensils: I renew my offer to moderate the new list, or do
>>else I can to hasten its creation.
>>-- Matt D.
>Yes i see Mat. But you have been very silent about Proyect and his
>journalism. yesterday he turned the M1 into a bougeois court and used
>book to present his case as the judge prosecuter and jury of that
>court. a
>Detroit Maoist has offered to publish my picture all over the net! The
>maoist that threatened to publish pictures of Peruvian Maoists

           Come on Bob take a break,give it a rest.I just spent four
months in the
  Bering Sea,not far from the Arctic Circle.If you're that far north in
  then you know how depressing the short days can be.After four months I
  expected to find some change in the list-there has been some change.
           You can still find some thought provking posts.That is after
you wade
  through all the sniping.Hell Bob maybe you can explain why the American
  lefts favourite past time is inter party (cross party) warfare.
           Come on Bob you've been around the block ,and I think you must
  fairly thick skinned by now(hell you said you were in the Navy-fuck
  for good morning in the merchant marine-was the Navy that different?)
           You keep talking about the high brows-well,learn to live with
them or
  just toss it off.
           There are some good people on this list-not all of them I
agree with,but
  there are ideas and views that are interesting and useful.
           The internet is not the be all and end all of leftist
politics.The struggle
  is out on the streets-that's where peoples minds need to be won.
           And,Bob you're picture is on your Web page ,so why the fucking
  I did check out your Web page -brings up some questions.
          Where did you go to boot camp?Navy doesn't have any oil
  have yard oilers.or sea tenders Ever been to Rota Spain? And port is
  starboard is right.

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