'Stalinist' : an insult or a diagnosis ?

hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Sat Sep 28 03:53:28 MDT 1996

>>Adolfo is more than usually sickening when he quotes "Lenin on the question
>>of the victory of socialism in one country":
>I have not to much to add to Huges arguements against Aldolfo's latest
>quotes on "Socialim" in one country. But it should always be seen in the
>context of what Lenin really meant. Thus in the sense of gaining time while
>the Russian revolution was going on in reality and knowing that in the long
>run without revolutions in some of the
>major industrial countries the Russian revolution in the long run was
>doomed. That was Lenin's position.
>Bob Malecki

I get it now!  It does not matter what Lenin actually said.  The question is
what he "meant" - according to the one and only SERIOUS Trotskyst - bob
malecki. How do this people work?  Are they "spiritist mediums"?

When is the next seance, malecki?  When are you and Rodwell going to publish
a joint rave under the title "Poor and Working Class Kids Interview "Lenin's
Ghost" - What "Lenin" really meant: Soviet revolution was the mistake of my
life, "Lenin" says"?


PS:  Here "lenin" is inverted commas because it seems the real name of this
gohst is George Orwell.

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