Plant vs the Terrifying Trio

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Sat Sep 28 12:12:00 MDT 1996

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> In reality you are supporting those who help imperialism and
Peruvian authorities to get the goods on people. How does it feel?

Wow, demolished by Malecki and Adolfo in the same post, and all the
time watching Eurotrash on TV. Weird how you get those phases isn't
it? Why don't the two of you team up with Valdov from apst and really
get some anti-Plant stuff flowing ? Between the 3 of you, you make me
too Leninist but anti-Lenin, a Stalinist who hates Stalin, and a
Trotskyist Anti-Trotskyist. Tell you what, why don't the three of you
set up a superleague and award each other points for the nastiest
names you can think of for me. Then you could run the whole show on a
private mailing list among yourselves.

The fact remains however that Malecki continues to demonstrate his
unfitness to belong to any mailing list of any kind. No amount of
vacuous bluster will erase his record. The longer the death agony of
the marxism list, the more clearly his role will be revealed.

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