On Cooperation

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Sat Sep 28 09:06:00 MDT 1996

Louis in his usual patronizing and dishonest way tells us:

>Vladimir should get out of the habit himself of quoting Lenin or Trotsky
>as though they are scripture. I hate to break the news to you, but unless
>we start achieving the theoretical and political maturity of Lenin, we
>will not achieve socialism. Lenin spent most of his time studying
>government statistics, not the Grundrisse.

Lenin studied statistics because he knew from his extremely thorough study
of Marx what to make of them.

Louis on the other hand has never made a study of Marx, thorough or
otherwise, which makes the gobbets of statistics he throws in our faces
>from time to time quite the opposite of useful.

Doug, on the other hand, has studied his Marx, and can tell a statistic
>from a pickled harriet.



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