On Cooperation ...and "achieving theoretical maturity"

Vladimir Bilenkin "achekhov at unity.ncsu.edu" at ncsu.edu
Sat Sep 28 08:43:44 MDT 1996

Louis Proyect wrote:
> Vladimir should get out of the habit himself of quoting Lenin or Trotsky
> as though they are scripture. I hate to break the news to you, but unless
> we start achieving the theoretical and political maturity of Lenin, we
> will not achieve socialism. Lenin spent most of his time studying
> government statistics, not the Grundrisse.

I can't recall any of my few quotes from these authors which would justify
this charge.  This is not my method. If Louis paid more attention to other
people's writings in this list he could rather accuse me in radical
revisionism of Lenin and Trotsky.  In my recent posting on the situation
in class struggle in Russia ("Doug's asks What is to be done") I propose
a very different model for a revolutionary organization of the class IN
THE CONCRETE conditions in which it presently finds itself.

Could Louis refer us to at least one of his postings that similarly combines
a set of theoretical propositions, an analysis of a concrete situation
in class struggle, and  CONCRETE proposals for What is to be done?


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