Doug admits Louis P had no grounds for his libel

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Sep 28 09:54:17 MDT 1996

>Are you claiming that malecki was raped by Louis Proyect?  How do you "rape"
>a cockroach?  Isn't it typical of the sanctimonious eunuchs of the Trotskyst
>religion to done skirts and cry "male chauvinism" any time they are cornered
>and shown to be defending the agents of the imperialist bourgeosie like
>George Orwell?.  Why is it that only shrivelled male chauvinistic pigs
>resort to bourgeois women liberationism when they only mean to defend
>No revolutionary woman will ever fall for that "politically correct"
>reactionary bourgeois trap.
>PS:  How much you get for assuming the defence of Orwell?  Or are you as
>stupid as maklecki to do it free of charge?

Ahh yes cornered! Wasn't that when you started your Mandras? About the same
time the Trotskyists took you down on the stage theory of revolution you
began your non political campaigns around cockroahes and Jesuit priests.

Actually this was the point where all your Stalinist idol worshiping of the
Bullshit stopped when you were forced to admit that Aldolfo when taking
power in Peru would make a deal with the bougeosie.

Bob Malecki

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