Plant vs the Terrifying Trio

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Sat Sep 28 09:54:20 MDT 1996

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>> In reality you are supporting those who help imperialism and
>Peruvian authorities to get the goods on people. How does it feel?
>Wow, demolished by Malecki and Adolfo in the same post, and all the
>time watching Eurotrash on TV. Weird how you get those phases isn't
>it? Why don't the two of you team up with Valdov from apst and really
>get some anti-Plant stuff flowing ? Between the 3 of you, you make me
>too Leninist but anti-Lenin, a Stalinist who hates Stalin, and a
>Trotskyist Anti-Trotskyist. Tell you what, why don't the three of you
>set up a superleague and award each other points for the nastiest
>names you can think of for me. Then you could run the whole show on a
>private mailing list among yourselves.

Ahh the Plant acting confused and being picked on by all sides. Not quite
true that.
Actually Plant with his position of power has been one of the people in back
of the bans,expulsions and exclusions on the "Unity" list at Jefferson Village.

And he has sided openly with the yellow journalist Proyect and his smear
campaign by letting him back on the "Unity" list where Proyect immediately
began his anti- Troskyist agitation around the TP.

The TP which Plant himself is trying to rewrite and liquidate in his journey
along with others to build a unity based on the programs of the politics of
the 2nd, 3rd and the fake Trotskyist liquidators that destroyed the Fourth

And being one of these liquidators Plant is constantly capitulating to their
politics in this case the yellow journalist Proyect is less of a danger on
Unity then Trotskyists
who will fight for the politics of the LO and the TP against the
liquidators. This is the bottom line of his hate for Malecki. Plus being
touchy about "Go fuck yourself Plant"!

But your joining hands with Proyect Plant goes far beyond a million "Go fuck
yourself Plants!" because you cross the class line and join in the campaign
to paint a Trotskyist as an agent provacateur in the pay of imperialism.
>The fact remains however that Malecki continues to demonstrate his
>unfitness to belong to any mailing list of any kind. No amount of
>vacuous bluster will erase his record. The longer the death agony of
>the marxism list, the more clearly his role will be revealed.

The fact remains Plant that a lot of people who thought you a nice guy and
honest got a real eye opener the last few weeks. Plant has come out of the
closet and viewed the list of his real appetite and what he is prepared to
*do* to people who,s only crime was to apply to take part in the discussions
on "unity" and follow all of the rules!

You seem to forget Plant that i was banned from the very beginning of "Unity".
The only death agony going on here at all is that you exposed you phony
revolutionary credentials and are being dragged down with Proyect. Did i say
"dragged down" Oh i am sorry willingly holding Proyect's hand as he jumps to
his political death.

On the new open list there will be open and honest discussion allowed even
if it gets a bit warm. The only ones that will have to worry are people that
cross the class line and anybody that tries to trash any of the list
participants with cop baiting and slander.

You see Trotskyists do not have to be afraid of open honest political
debate. Thus the need for bans, exclusions, expulsions and special rules
special rules to block people from taking part like the "Unity" list.

It is only those that have something to lose that need those kinds of tactics:

Bob Malecki

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