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Richard Bos Richard.Bos at
Sat Sep 28 09:31:58 MDT 1996

Hugh Rodwell wrote:
> Richard B writes:
> >I just wish that peoples' "keen sense of justice"
> >include at least a modicum of respect for people on this list who have
> >Marxist views different to their own.
> How about those with anti-Marxist views?
> Cheers,
> Hugh

I haven't come across many of those on this list yet. If you had more
respect for yourself, and confidence in what you have to say, then you
would not feel the need to nit-pick all the time.

Do you do it to irritate the rest of the list because you see them as
the enemy? Do you think that you are being clever, and witty? Or is it
because the doubts are so strong in your mind that you are frantically
trying to divert attention from the weakness of your position? can feel pleased that you have got another response. I am
sure that you are thinking up the counter attack even now. I will not
bother next time.

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