On Cooperation : Notes of a bibliographer

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>Vladimir should get out of the habit himself of quoting Lenin or
Trotsky as though they are scripture. I hate to break the news to
you, but unless we start achieving the theoretical and political
maturity of Lenin, we will not achieve socialism. Lenin spent most of
his time studying government statistics, not the Grundrisse.

1. In this thread Adolfo kicked off the quote sequence (in response
to my remark about socialism in one country). Vladimir questioned
source and integrity of text.

2. I don't think Lenin had access to the Grundrisse. Its first proper
publication was (I believe) 1953. I am quite certain he would have
studied it diligently had it been available. He frequently advised
his supporters to study Marx. Without the theoretical tools provided
by Marx, you cannot make any sense of government statistics.

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