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Sat Sep 28 20:00:47 MDT 1996

On 28 Sep 96, Chris Burford <100423.2040 at> wrote:
>I see that Hans (presumably) has been working in the background, filing
>the archives in the last few hours, but in the last 24 there were some
>puzzling communications problems at a time of intense political confusion.
>3) Jay's important letter "The Stinking book", checking on possible
>reactions to circulating Bob's picture, was quoted by a number of people
>but did not appear in the digest. Nor did it appear yesterday in
>the gopher list of the current file as accessed through the web
>yesterday. Again if this was a random glitch, it was a random glitch.
On Fri, 27 Sep 1996, detcom at wrote:
>I was content to let Proyect do all the work
>to investigate Malecki's story, but have now
>decided to help out.  Waking up just now to
>20+ unwanted Malecki posts has helped me to
>decide.  Lou, I think I have a picture of
>Malecki that a friend sent me.  I have been
>sitting on it wondering what to do.  You
>know I caught a lot of flak about posting
>those last pictures, even though it was a
>joke.  My plan is this, to post the picture
>I have on this and other lists and in USENET
>newsgroups and ask everyone if they recognize
>Malecki from either his service period or
>his so-called stint in the anti-war movement.
>However, I would like to know how others would
>view this.  I will hold off until I get the
>opinions of the masses and those I trust.  Would
>this be correct?  I don't really see a problem,
>Malecki is the author of a book, and claims to
>have been on television and been public about
>his activities.  So his image is no secret, right?
>Jay Miles / Detroit

On Fri, 27 Sep 1996, Hans Ehrbar <ehrbar at> wrote:
>This is an extraordinarily bad idea, Jay.
>I am glad you are asking first.  Please don't do it.
I've reposted my message, "The stinking book", as it seems
to have not reached some people or the archives for some
reason.  I've gotten some feedback from people who have
read it, Hans, JJ, Doug and Comrade Tony.  Hans here advises
not to post Malecki's picture, but doesn't give a reason.
JJ thinks it will cause people who hate Malecki to have
sympathy for him, I don't think that's a possibility.
Malecki has put his own picture on the internet (the one
I have is different than the one on his page) and others
like the idea or have no problem with it.  If I don't
hear any good political reasons for not posting it in the
next few hours, I will load it up and send it.  -Jay

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