Another red herring on Palme

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Sun Sep 29 01:13:17 MDT 1996

>Proyect the yellow journalist jumps on Rolf. The spoons created M2 first
>with special rules and then came the "Unity" list with bans,exclusions and

>Finally Proyect pulls out Aldolfo's jack boots and threatens Rolf with
>violence. From neo-Stalinist yellow journalism the step to jack boot
>Stalinism is not far.
>Rolf has political ideas that i in no way agree with however he is welcome
>to put forth those ideas. As long as he keeps away from cop baiting and
>Fujimora agents of imperialism directed at political opponents without proof.
>Rolf's bankrupt politics must be defeated polically and not with yellow
>journalism and jack boots of the Proyect modell.
>Bob Malecki

On "bankruptcy", Bob, sorry, wrong number. Bankrupt is Trotskyism and
other forms of revisionism. (Historical problems concerning the
earlier socialism in the Soviet Union do remain.) Correct, as is
showing up more and more, is the political line of Mao Zedong.

Still, I repeat, it's a good thing you're against the reactionary
suppression advocated by Louis N.Project, who obviously sees his
neo-Luddite arch-reactionary line exposed, not least.

But have you noticed that you and Louis N. P. have one great love
in common, the Soviet system of social-imperialism and social-
fascism that was led by Brezhnev and Gorbachev? Doug H. has been
crying over it too, he didn't like what I wrote on the murder
of Palme one bit more than you did.

Cry, babies, cry. Soviet social-imperialism is no more, the
Berlin wall is down, fascism has been overthrown in several

There still are nasty bourgeoisies in those countries, the
people there are experiencing the misery of the fallen ruins
of the empire of the new tsars. Still, that was an important
bastion of reaction in the world that fell.

You and Doug, Bob "know for certain" that the social-imprialists'
military intelligence service did *not* kill the prime minister
here in this small second-world country ten years ago, and are
quite upset when somebody says it did.

Interesting, I think.

Rolf M.

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