On Cooperation ...and "achieving theoretical maturity"

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sun Sep 29 01:55:25 MDT 1996

>On Sat, 28 Sep 1996, Vladimir Bilenkin wrote:
>> Could Louis refer us to at least one of his postings that similarly combines
>> a set of theoretical propositions, an analysis of a concrete situation
>> in class struggle, and  CONCRETE proposals for What is to be done?
>Louis: The class struggle? I think it is meaningless for us to have a
>conversation about this until we have the same perception of external
>reality. A few months ago you took the American antiwar movement for not
>adopting Lenin's "turn the imperialist war into a civil war" policy. You
>should get the kind of job that Jon Flanders has and then you'll think
>twice about this type of hyperbolic expression.

The yellow journalist critises Vlad about the anti-war movement. Proyect was
supporting the SWP who was supporting a popular front of liberals,hippies,
and students in the NPAC (National Peace Action Coalition). The Trotskyists
then, the Spartacists broke with these traitors already in November 1965 on
this question!

Even Malecki had a better position back then and he was definitely not a
Trotskyist or organised in any way in the left.  In the press conferences we
held after a particular action we were saying "We would not tolerate poor
and working class people as being used for cannonfodder in this war" and
"Turn the Guns around"!

And later on in prison when we made the offer to exchange ourselves for two
B-52 pilots alive or dead because we believed that the struggle the
Vietnamese were fighting for was a correct one.

If Proyect and the SWP had raised these kinds of slogans they would have
scared away the liberals they were in a popular front with thus they
liquidated Trotskyist politics for reformists politics in order to serve
their new liberal masters.

Bob Malecki

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