Plant vs the Terrifying Trio

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Sun Sep 29 01:55:18 MDT 1996

Plant dips into the TP on his nose!
>The TP, which you claim to 'defend' (by refusing to read) describes
>the stalinist Comintern as having gone over definitively to the camp
>of the bourgeoisie. Hence when you began calling me and others on
>Left Unity stalinists you accused us of having the politics of the
>bourgeoisie. You did this long before Louis diagnosed you. It was
>therefore your own accusations that placed you on the wrong side of
>the class line and opened the way to the revelation of the truth
>about yourself. No amount of vacuous squeaking will permit you to get
>the toothpaste back into the tube after you have accussed it with
>that iron broom. (BTW you still can't quote yourself correctly even
>after being corrected so many times. Those who don't know their own
>history perform it as farce.)

Well, now are you not drawing some hasty conclusions Plant. The reason
Trotsky wrote the TP (Transitional Program) was because the Stalinists had
definitely gone over to the side of counter revolution yes. But it certainly
did not mean that Trotsky wrote off  the tens of thousands of cadre and
workers around the world as going over to the counter revolution. Thus the
tactical orientation was to win the base from the counter-revolutionary
leadership at the top.

And now to the question of guilt by association. Thus your claim that i
accuse you of being a mass murderer and liquidator. No i certainly do not
put all of the crimes of the Stalin leadership on the present Fake
Trotskyist Liquidators at present in control of the expel button at "Unity".
But i do accuse the "Unity" list of using the Stalinist practice of
bans,exclusions and expulsions of people because of political line. I do say
that taking the neo-Stalinist yellow journalist Proyect back on "Unity" is a
clear declaration on your part against those that uphold Trotskyist
positions and are being slandered and still are banned by the "Unity" list
or expelled. I have also said that Stalinism is a political program and
unity would like to liquidate Trotskyism in order to build Unity around the
programs of both Stalinism and reformism.

You yourself admitted that at one time the TP was your "bible" but....And
now i see in a recent post that you go after the Trotskyist hater Proyect
and put a couple of authodox questions to Proyect about the TP without
taking a position yourself.

You want to keep the title but you do not want to defend the program that is
the clear signal coming from the liquidators on the TP. It is more important
to get some sort of fake unity with the reformists and neo Stalinists on
another program. This is also liquidation.

So to claiming i cross the class line by guilt of association is wrong. The
only thing i did was tell people what the fake Trotskyist liquidators are
trying to do under the guise of "unity". And that is the operation that you
are trying to keep people who defend a more orthodox line away from. Bans,
exclusions and expulsions are the *real* action of Plant and his liquidator
friends. An alliance with the reformists and neo Stalinists yellow
journalists like Proyect is on the order of the day to stop the more
orthodox Trotskyists from even being able to present their views to people .

Despite this rotten block it is not going so smoothly. Already Proyect is
showing his anti Trotskyist fangs even to the Liquidators. And their Plant
wants to put on a more authodox pose. In the next moment to a reformist and
pacifist he is telling him that he once thought the TP was a bible but now..
Yes liquidation and playing the tune
political opponents want to hear for the sake of unity Plant.

We will have plenty of time to discuss these matters! Despite M1 being
closed The Trotskyists are well informed about the various participants of
the unity list and what they are doing and saying. We will find a forum to
post our replies to the liquidators as they travel down the road away from
Trotskyism and a programatic compromise of some sort with the reformists and
neo Stalinists.

And we can already say that any program that comes out of the unity list
based on the above will mean new and disasterous defeats for the
Proletariat. Because most of the garbage has already been proven and failed

Only the politics and program of the LO and TP can lay the foundation of a
future Communist Trotskyist International  to replace the Fourth
International destroyed by Pabloism.

PS: Plant, wait until the Spartacists turn up on-line! Then you will
probably begging Malecki to tell you to "Go Fuck Youself". Because if they
are still half on political course they are going to eat the "unity" people
alive. Look what just a couple of Trotskyists have done already. Got you
cringing in a corner of cyberspace imposing bans,exclusions and expulsions
and blocking with neo Stalinists yellow journalists
that really hate Trotskyism and want to see it smashed. Unlike you who just
wants to keep the title and liquidate the program.

Bob Malecki

As Malecki is the only one on M1 that has to PROVE things I submit:

The below is Plant writting to Proyect the yellow journalist with some
fairly authodox questions with no answers. earlier today i sent a letter
Plant wrote to a pacifist and reformist with the infamous words about the TP
once being his bible but....Perhaps Plant should answer the questions
himself. I already know what the Trotskyist hater Proyect will say!

Louis, let me ask you then your view on what I think are the central
points in the TP. (I meant to get to this stuff via a more worked
document, but you have a certain talent for forcing the issue).

1.      Is capitalism in its "death agony" ? If not, can you account
for the change since 1938. Does this change mean that a reformist
strategy has long term viability ?

2.      Is there a crisis of proletarian leadership or not ? Is there
still a need to assert the independence of the proletariat or not ?
You seem to indicate that you think so in your post on Nader-Clinton
? If so, what problem do you have with that principle of the TP ?

3.      Does the general idea of 'transitional demands', seeking to
bridge the gap from the present state of consciousness to the
revolution still have any validity (regardless of whether specific
demands formulated in 38 still apply) ?

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