Lenin 'On Co-operation' : notes of a liquidator.

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1.      My 'Index of Works' refers to 'On Co-Operation', January 4 &
6, 1923. Vol 33 of the Lawrence & Wishart/Progress Publishers
edition, pp 467 - 75. I lent my copy of V33 to a friend and can't get
at it quickly to confirm if its the text Adolfo quotes. Anybody got
V33 easily to hand?

2.      Even if Lenin meant by it what Adolfo claims, (and that
requires to be determined by examining the text and its context) it
still might not be right. Of course Lenin had great insight into the
problems of the time, and immense immediate knowledge. But its still
OK to conclude that you disagree with him about something. Lenin
wrote some good books, not a bible. (Will that get me excluded from
the list you're going to moderate Malecki ? Or just get some more of
your abusive language ?)

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